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THE SHADOW OF THE VULTURE – This story by Robert E. Howard, the ONLY Howard story to actually feature Red Sonya, was first published in the January 1934 issue of Magic Carpet Magazine. As I’ve mentioned in many other reviews of old pulp characters, Howard’s REAL Red Sonya was…

Shadowman (Icons Writeup)

Shadowman (modern)aka Jack Boniface Prowess 5Coordination 6Strength 7Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 4 Stamina 11 Powers* Detection (other Loa) 2* Leaping 2* Regeneration 4* Night Vision 3* Darkness Control 4* Shadow Scythe 6 (Extra: Can be used to open a portal to the Deadside)* Mind Control 5 (Limit: Only functions on creatures in the Deadside) Note: Jack’sContinue reading “Shadowman (Icons Writeup)”

Shadowman (Icons Writeup)

Shadowman (VH1 Version)aka Jack Boniface Prowess 5Coordination 6Strength 6Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 5 Stamina 11 Powers*Detection (Darque Energy) 2*Leaping 2*Regeneration 4*Night Vision 3 Note: Jack’s powers stem from necromantic energy (often called Darque Energy). As a result, all of his powers are only effective at night. In addition, during the daytime hours, Jack’s Prowess, Coordination, andContinue reading “Shadowman (Icons Writeup)”

Roku (Icons Writeup)

Rokuaka Angelina Alcott Prowess 7Coordination 7Strength 7Intellect 4Awareness 6Willpower 5 Stamina 12 Powers*Body Supremacy – Regeneration 5, Extra Body Part – Prehensile Hair 7 (Extras: Bind, Strike), Stretching 3, Damage Resistance 3*Telekinesis 5*Telepathy 6 (Extras: Danger Sense, Illusions, Mind Shield, Mind Control)*Roku carries various weapons with her – she often uses handguns and swords andContinue reading “Roku (Icons Writeup)”

X-O Manowar (Icons Writeup)

X-O ManowarAric Dacia / Aric of Dacia Prowess 6Coordination 5Strength 8Intellect 6Awareness 6Willpower 6 Stamina 14 PowersAll powers are derived from the X-O Manowar Class Armor. Without the armor, his Strength drops to 5 and his Stamina is reduced to 11. His Intellect is reduced to 4 without the armor and his Awareness drops toContinue reading “X-O Manowar (Icons Writeup)”

Ninjak (Icons Writeup)

Ninjakaka Colin King Prowess 6Coordination 6Strength 5Intellect 6Awareness 6Willpower 7 Stamina 12 Powers*Ninjak Suit and Gear – Damage Resistance 4, Swords 5, Shuriken 4, Flash Grenades 4, Smoke Bombs 4, Concussion Grenades 6, Gadgets 4, Images 4, Wall-Crawling 4, Life Support 5, Interface 4*Body Supremacy – Regeneration 5 SpecialtiesAthletics (Master + 3 bonus), Business (ExpertContinue reading “Ninjak (Icons Writeup)”

Ephemera (Icons Writeup)

Ephemeraaka Kiersten PattersonCreated by Barry Reese Prowess 2Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 3Awareness 4Willpower 4 Stamina 7 Powers*Dimensional Travel 8 (Limit: Only allows for travel to and from Deadworld)*Darkness Control 5 (Extras: Binding, Force Field) SpecialtiesStealth QualitiesSocial Worker for the DeadMoney TroublesAlly of the Straw-Man Background: Kiersten Patterson was a normal young woman, struggling to make endsContinue reading “Ephemera (Icons Writeup)”

Lazarus Gray (Icons Writeup)

Lazarus Grayaka Richard WinthropCreated by Barry Reese Prowess 5Coordination 5Strength 5Intellect 6Awareness 6Willpower 6 Stamina 11 Powers*.357 Smith & Wesson Magnum 4 (Extra: The gun uses silver bullets that have been soaked in holy water. Does 5 damage to supernatural foes)*Knife 2*Detect 4 (Limit: Can only be used to track members of Assistance Unlimited –Continue reading “Lazarus Gray (Icons Writeup)”

Spider-Man (Icons Writeup)

Spider-Manaka Peter Parker Prowess 6Coordination 8Strength 7Intellect 6Awareness 6Willpower 7 Stamina 14 Powers*Web-Shooters: Binding 7 (Extra: Burst, Limit: Dissolves after several hours), Swinging 7, Dazzle 4 (“here’s web in your eyes”)*Spider-Tracers: Detection 5*Spider-Sense: Danger Sense 8*Wall-Crawling 8*Spider-Signal: Dazzle 3*Damage Resistance 6 (Limit: Impact Forces)*Super-Speed 3 (Extra: Fast Attack, Extra: Leaping)*Regeneration 5*Resistance 5 (Drugs and Diseases)*GadgetsContinue reading “Spider-Man (Icons Writeup)”

Huntress (Icons Writeup)

Huntressaka Helena Wayne Prowess 5Coordination 5Strength 4Intellect 5Awareness 6Willpower 6 Stamina 10 Powers*Pistol Crossbow 4 (Extra: May be used to fire a swingline, Swinging 4)*Throwing Dagger 2*Utility Belt: Gadgets 4 SpecialtiesAthletics, Drive, Investigation (Expert +2), Languages, Law (Expert +2), Martial Arts, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Weapons – Crossbow (Expert +2), Weapons – Dagger Qualities*The daughterContinue reading “Huntress (Icons Writeup)”