Writing Updates

So things have been busy around the Reese Unlimited headquarters — we’re approaching the end of the school year so in my “day job,” there’s been testing galore, of course, but on the writing front, I’ve recently approved edits on OMNIUM GATHERUM and I’ve been working hard on volume three of the Straw-Man series. OMNIUMContinue reading “Writing Updates”

Living With BPD

A couple of years ago a medical professional told me that they believed I suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. To say that I was not pleased with that diagnosis would be a lie – “Borderline what?” I wondered. “Borderline crazy? I know I have problems but I’m not crazy!” I thought that BPD sounded too closeContinue reading “Living With BPD”

The Chronicles Begin!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM THE PAGES OF LAZARUS GRAY RISES A NEW THREAT TO EVIL! THE CHRONICLES OF LILITH DEBUTS! Known for tackling genre fiction and making it his own, award-winning author Barry Reese brings readers a new adventure of a character first seen in THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY. From his author imprint, ReeseContinue reading “The Chronicles Begin!”

Another 5-star review!

A few days ago, Amazon user ChickJ gave a 5-star review to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 11, mentioning specifically how much the ending surprised him. Well, he’s back with a review of the follow-up to that book, Volume 12. Once again, he gave it 5-stars, titling it “If you read Lazarus Gray 11,Continue reading “Another 5-star review!”

Lazarus Gray’s Unlucky 13th…

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNLEASH THE REESE MONTH CONTINUES FROM PRO SE! THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THIRTEEN DEBUTS! Even when a team collapses, sometimes it remains the only hope for the entire world. THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME THIRTEEN by award winning author Barry Reese is now available in print and digital formatsContinue reading “Lazarus Gray’s Unlucky 13th…”

Lazarus Gray 12!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CAN A FALLEN HERO’S SOUL BE SAVED? BARRY REESE’S ‘THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME TWELVE’ DEBUTS The unthinkable has happened… Assistance Unlimited is forced to confront the awful truth that their leader and founder, Lazarus Gray, has betrayed them all. The only hope for his redemption lies in a perilous returnContinue reading “Lazarus Gray 12!”