Doctor Spectrum (Icons Writeup)

Doctor Spectrum of Earth-TRN852
aka Joseph Ledger

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 9

Stamina 13

*Power Prism 10 (Constructs; Extras: Force Field, Flight, Life Support; Limit: Limited by wielder’s Willpower level)

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Military (+1 bonus), Pilot (Expert +2 bonus), Weaponry – Prism Constructs (+1 bonus)

*You can thank God and the U.S. President that standing between you and all those alien whack jobs… there’s me. And my Power Prism. And that willingness to do whatever it damn well takes to keep you safe.
*Hardcore patriot.
*Loves to explore space, meet new alien species, and kill them.


Doctor Spectrum is a colonel in the U.S. Air Force. While conducting a space walk as an astronaut, he found a Power Prism and became Doctor Spectrum. He was a member of the Squadron Supreme of America, which were the world’s premiere superhero team.  He also went out into outer space and began eliminating aliens to impose the United States’ will upon them and who he felt were a threat to future American space settlers. He often imprisoned those he fought in Knowhere, a cosmic prison he built in the head of a Celestial he once killed.

He once battled the Mad Titan Thanos, witnessing the villain get turned into dust by the Infinity Stones. When a mysterious object began approaching Earth, Doctor Spectrum traveled into outer space to intercept. He was shocked to discover that the object was Thanos, who had returned from the dead and was now using the Infinity Stones in the form of rings. The pair then battled each other. Spectrum defeated Thanos by blasting off his right hand with an energy weapon construct and then imprisoned him in Knowhere.

Spectrum’s actions made him many enemies among the alien races he attacked. So, they hired the bounty hunting duo of Rocket Raccoon and Groot to kill Spectrum before he could inflict any more havoc. Rocket attacked Spectrum after he delivered Thanos to Knowhere. Using a weaponized Groot and space maggots, Rocket tried killing Spectrum, but Spectrum was able to resist Rocket’s attacks and kill Groot. After knocking Rocket around, Rocket unexpectedly received the Star Brand and continued battling Spectrum. The two fought each other using different weapon constructs until Spectrum used Many-Angled Ones he imprisoned in his Power Prism to subdue Rocket. Spectrum then tortured Rocket by plunging him into a supernova to get him to reveal who hired him before Rocket eventually died.

Spectrum and the Squadron Supreme one day met to deal with a new threat: a new team that popped up called the Avengers who planned to restore reality to its proper place. The Squadron Supreme investigated the Avengers and tracked them to Africa where they discovered that the mythical country of Wakanda actually existed, which the Avengers were hiding at. When Wakanda’s cloaking field was disabled, the Avengers confronted the Squadron Supreme.

Spectrum was confronted by Brandy Selby, the young wielder of the Star Brand. Spectrum didn’t want to fight a child, leaving him vulnerable to Brandy’s assault who wanted revenge on Spectrum for killing Rocket. Brandy eventually used her power to melt Spectrum’s Power Prism, leaving it useless and Spectrum devastated. Reality was restored to normal when the source of the reality warp was destroyed, President Coulson’s Pandemonium Cube, and Spectrum’s memories were transferred to his Earth-616 counterpart. What became of him afterward is unrevealed.

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