Power Princess (Icons Writeup)

Power Princess of Earth-TRN852
aka Zardan Shelton

Prowess 8
Coordination 7
Strength 8
Intellect 6
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 14

*Flight 7
*Damage Resistance 7
*Sword – Slash 4
*Shield – Damage Resistance 8
*Dampening Necklace – This device lowers her Prowess, Coordination, and Strength to 4, as well as removing her powers. This lowers her Stamina to 10. She only wears the necklace when competing in the boxing ring as she doesn’t want to unfairly defeat her opponents.

Athletics (Master +3 bonus), Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Expert +2 bonus), Weapons – Edged (Expert +2 bonus), Wrestling (+1 bonus)

*Zarda was programmed to love American beer.
*Zarda is caught in the middle of a romantic triangle involving Nighthawk and Hyperion.
*Agent Coulson wanted Power Princess programmed to be wild and arrogant. He wanted her to be “dangerous. Think Thor, but with boobs. Or Wolverine.”


This version of the Power Princess was a construct created by the demon Mephisto and programmed by the Power Elite in cooperation with a recently-revived Agent Coulson to be a member of the Squadron Supreme of America, a superhero team sponsored by the U.S. Government. Power Princess’s programming had her believe that she was an Utopian who hailed from Utopia Isle, a paradisiac island populated by warrior women. Power Princess came to love America even more, and swore to defend it. Her civilian name was Zarda Shelton, who practiced boxing as a hobby using a dampening necklace to decrease her superhuman durability and strength. Power Princess was additionally programmed to be in a lustful relationship with her teammate, Hyperion.

Power Princess and his team were brought in to meet General Ross in order to be the U.S.’s response to the now-unaligned Avengers.The Squadron Supreme was later put to the test against King Namor and his Defenders of the Deep, countering several attacks against Roxxon in American waters.

Zarda was sparring when a group of Frost Giants from Jotunheim invaded Washington on behalf of Malekith the Accursed during his War of the Realms. As Power Princess, Shelton met up with the rest of the Squadron. They killed some of the Frost Giants and routed the remaining invaders to the Canadian frontier in Lake Erie. Coulson subsequently dispatched the team to Ohio.

Coulson attempted to warp reality using the Pandemonium Cube provided by Mephisto, creating Earth-TRN852, where the Avengers never existed and the Squadron Supreme were the world’s premiere superhero team. Reality was eventually restored by Blade the Vampire Hunter and his team of Avengers. So, Mephisto punished Coulson by trapping him in the Pandemonium Cube. Without Coulson, the Squadron Supreme fell apart, and Zarda was taken into government custody. When reality returned to normal, Zarda possessed her Earth-TRN852 counterpart’s memories. When questioned by government officials, she attacked them.

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