The Blur (Icons Writeup)

The Blur of Earth-TRN852
aka Stanley Stewart

Prowess 4
Coordination 6
Strength 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 2
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

*Super-Speed 10 (Extras: Fast Attack, Air Control, Phasing, Time Travel; Limit: Using Super-Speed to mimic Time Travel is exhausting)

Athletics – Running (Expert +2 bonus)

*”My name is Stanley Stewart. The Blur. The Fastest Mortal Alive. And I have the attention span of a hummingbird on meth.”
*Loves to race against other speedsters.
*Is always doing dozens of things at once.
*Trained by the Ancient One.


Stanley Stewart, better known by his hero name of Blur, was a member of the Squadron Supreme of America, which were the world’s premiere superhero team on Earth-TRN852. When Blur first obtained his powers, he went to the mystical monastery of Kamar-Taj in order to get control of his powers. His teacher the Ancient One taught him that in order for Blur to gain control over his powers, he needed to focus his attention on a single activity: namely, staring at a flower. Blur eventually accomplished the task after 17 days of attempting it.

Following a civil war between Hyperion and Nighthawk that split the ranks of the Squadron Supreme, Nighthawk and Blur formed the Secret Squadron in Europe. Nighthawk used his vast wealth to construct a base for his team beneath the River Thames in London. However, Baron Zemo considered the Secret Squadron an affront to his own goals of Hydra bringing law and order to Europe. So, he founded the Siege Society, a team of criminals of mercenaries assembled to dismantle the Secret Squadron.

By the time Nighthawk and Blur arrived to stop the Siege Society, most of the Secret Squadron members had been killed. Blur took out Hawkeye and Fire-Ant while running from Silver Witch. Blur eventually knocked Witch out when she let it slip that she was supposed to keep him busy while Baron Zemo fought Nighthawk alone. Blur ran back to the Secret Squadron’s base and confronted Black Widow, but he was knocked out by a shock arrow by Hawkeye. By the time Blur came to, Nighthawk had already defeated Zemo. Blur later attended the funeral for the fallen Secret Squadron members with the surviving members.

During a coordinated assault by the Masters of Doom, Blur fought the superpowered mutant the Silver Witch. She attacked him to avenge her fallen brother Quicksilver who died trying to to outrun Blur. Silver Witch had absorbed her brother’s powers upon his death, and with her brother’s speed at her disposal, Silver Witch was able to hit Blur with a high speed hex that separated part of his soul from his body, which would result in his death if he didn’t get it back. Silver Witch then banished Blur to the Dread Dimension. Blur was able to return to Earth by running faster than light and vibrating out of sync with himself, allowing himself to time-travel to the point after Silver Witch banished him. Silver Witch then unleashed another hex that robbed Blur of his super speed. Remembering his training back in Kamar-Taj, Blur focused on his surroundings, allowing him to interact with normally invisible mystical creatures. After riding on the back of a Wraith Whale, Blur took back his soul and sent the Silver Witch to Ravencroft Institute.

Blur and Nighthawk eventually made amends with the Squadron Supreme in time to deal with a new threat: a new team that popped up called the Avengers that planned to restore reality to its proper place. The Squadron Supreme investigated the Avengers and tracked them to Africa where they discovered that the mythical country of Wakanda actually existed, which the Avengers were hiding at. When Wakanda’s cloaking field was disabled, the Avengers confronted the Squadron Supreme.

Blur fought Black Panther, who was able to keep up with his speed. Blur arrogantly thought he would win until T’Challa slashed at his leg ligaments with his claws, leaving Blur unable to run. Undeterred, Blur created a whirlwind to blow T’Challa away. T’Challa returned and knocked Blur out for the rest of the fight. As Blur laid on the ground, he asked his teammates not to let the Avengers change reality. However, the Squadron failed, and reality was returned to normal when the source of the reality warp was destroyed, President Coulson’s Pandemonium Cube. Blur’s memories were transferred to his Earth-616 counterpart. What became of him afterward is unrevealed.

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