Toyo Harada (Icons Writeup)

Toyo Harada

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 4
Intellect 6
Awareness 8
Willpower 9

Stamina 13

*Telepathy 9
*Telekinesis 9
*Mind Control 8
*Force Field 8
*Psychic Scream (Mental Blast) 8
*Atomization (Blast) 9
*Immortality (Longevity) 1

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Business (Expert + 2 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Mental Resistance (Master + 3 bonus), Psychiatry (+ 1 bonus)

“You are incapable of comprehending my limits.”
“I am the Omega… the Paragon… the True Harbinger.”
“What you need is me.”

Much of this comes from Valiant Universe: The Roleplaying Game

Sand ripples like water through the garden, but it must flow around the rock. Through most of the last century, Toyo Harada has been that rock, quietly exerting his will to bend the world around him.

Born outside Hiroshima in the first half of the twentieth century, Harada was just a boy when the atomic bomb activated his powers and annihilated his old life. He wandered without purpose until the Bleeding Monk, a mysterious precognitive, guided him with visions of the future and Harada’s grand role in shaping it. Having witnessed mankind’s potential for self-destruction firsthand, Harada realized that only those with great power could unite humanity against the coming darkness.

A psiot with unmatched mental abilities, Harada can bend people to his will, raise force shields, disperse a target’s atoms, and accomplish many other psionic feats. With a combination of nearly limitless power and natural business sense, Harada has crafted a mighty organization (Harada Global Conglomerates) capable of redirecting the path of the world as he sees fit.

Possibly the most powerful psiot to ever walk the Earth, Harada takes the long view in all situations. He seeks loyalty from his followers but refrains from tyrannical behavior unless absolutely necessary.

Harada is far too powerful for any single hero to defeat and he’ll make mincemeat out of most groups, as well. Battling Harada is something that will take a long, intelligent campaign and even then, the chances of victory for the heroes is slim. Use him sparingly.

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