Zephyr (Icons Writeup)

aka Faith Herbert/Summer Smith

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 7

*Air Control 7 (Extras: Flight, Force Field, Blast)

Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Art – Writing, Leadership

*“I’m going to be the greatest superhero in forever! Joss Whedon’s gonna make a freakin’ movie about me starring Christina Hendricks!”
*Eternal Optimist


After losing her parents in a car crash at a young age, Faith Herbert was raised by her loving grandmother. The young Faith found solace in the fantasy worlds her parents had once shared with her – comic books, science-fiction movies, the TV shows of Joss Whedon, and nerd fandom filled her life. Eventually, Faith thought she had found the secret to becoming a real superhero when she was approached by the Harbinger Foundation. There Faith met Peter Stanchek, another powerful psiot the Foundation had recently recruited. Utilizing his ability to activate other latent psiots, Peter unlocked the potential within Faith, giving her the ability to fly. She is the founder of the Harbinger Resistance and unlike many other heroes of the Valiant Universe, she relishes the role of superhero and all of its trappings.

For her daytime job as a journalist in Los Angeles she created the alter ego “Summer Smith”, wearing glasses and a red wig to complete the disguise. Currently, Faith is in a romantic relationship with Obadiah Archer.

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