Zot! (ICONS Writeup)

Zachary T. Paleozogt

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

All of Zot’s abilities come the equipment made for him by his Uncle Max. Here’s his standard arsenal:
*Anti-Gravity Jet Boots – Flight 7
*Gadget Wristbands – Gravity Decrease 6, Invisibility 6, Radio Communication 8
*Raygun – Blast 7
*Gadgets 5

Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Leadership (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (+1 bonus), Weapons – Raygun (+1 bonus)

*“He’s just so goddamn *cheerful* all the time!”
*Loyal to his friends (especially Jenny)

Background: Zach Paleozogt is a native of an alternate Earth. There, history ran very much like the pulp science-fiction of the 1930s and 1940s. In his world, it’s the mid-1960s, and high- tech peace and prosperity reign. Earth is part of an inter- stellar alliance of worlds, and war, crime, poverty and other social ills have been immensely reduced.

Orphaned at a young age, Zach was raised by his Uncle Max, an acclaimed and eccentric inventor, and Peabody, a dour robotic manservant. Zach was a bright kid who did well in school and absorbed his uncle’s bright outlook on life.

But what he truly excelled in was the physical. Sports, gymnastics, and his world’s popular interactive arcade games. These skills came in handy one day, when he used them to save a park full of people from a crashing aircar.

Basking in the media attention this incident brought him, Zach convinced Max to outfit him with various gadgets and a costume. He then took to the skies as the superheroic Zot!

As the years went by, Zot! gained a great deal of fame and public trust by helping people in trouble. He also defeated a bewildering array of bizarre criminals, including the mad cyborg ’artist‘ Dekko, the electric assassin 9-Jack-9, and the alien crime boss called The Blotch.

Zot! later became involved in a civil war on his parents’ homeworld of Sirius IV. In the course of things, he was forced to travel through a dimensional gateway invented by Max. Zot! thus ended up on our own quiet, mundane Earth. Here he met an ordinary girl named Jenny Weaver, who got swept up into his world and adventures.

The two have been close friends and inseparable companions since then, regularly shuttling between their two dimensions.

To quote Jenny’s friend Terry: “He’s just so goddamn *cheerful* all the time!” Zot is an indefatigable optimist, maintaining a sunny outlook and an abiding faith in the innate goodness of people even in the most dire of situations.

He’s always kind, earnest, and truthful, and projects very much that sort of ’boy scout‘ air that most folks associate with Superman.

He *is* still a kid, however, and is sometimes given to a little egotism and impulsiveness.

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