Dekko (ICONS Writeup)

Arthur Dekko

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 8

The only part of Arthur Dekko that remains is his brain. The rest of his body has been replaced with mechanical parts, giving him the following abilities:
* Damage Resistance 5
* Life Support 3 (Eating, Sleeping, Toxins)
* Interface 8
* Gadgets 4

Art (Master, +3 bonus), Technology (Expert, +2 bonus)

* Considers his current state to be a form of enlightenment, free of emotional distractions
* Has never gotten over the loss of his lover, Sarah. He sometimes hallucinates and believes that other young women are, in fact, Sarah.
* I’m no mere villain — I’m a performance artist!

Background: Far more than a mere “supervillain,” the mad cyborg known as Dekko has perpetrated some of the most bizarre crimes ever seen on Zot’s Earth. Dekko is powerful and dangerous, yet always convinced of the rightness of his actions; and brilliant at rationalizing them in great — and frighteningly convincing — detail.

While studying painting in art school, Arthur’s body was struck with a terrible disease which resulted in the gradual, piecemeal replacement of every part of him except his brain. In his growing mental instability, Arthur learned to “like” his new body and began designing parts for it. His art took a mechanistic turn, becoming extremely popular among collectors and making Arthur wealthy within a short time.

Having redesigned every aspect of his body, his home and his life as well as legally changing his name, Dekko has given an eerie new meaning to the phrase “self-made man.”

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