Catalyst (ICONS Writeup)

Logan Jenkins
created by Barry Reese

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 7
Willpower 8

Stamina 11

*Magic 8 (Extras-Mastery: Blast, Flight, Healing)

Occult (Expert +2)

Sorceress Supreme
I’d rather talk this out than have to fight you
I don’t like to talk about my past

Background: The title of Catalyst is given to the most powerful magician in the world during each century. Logan received the role after her predecessor, Nathaniel Caine, finally passed away. She is still relatively new to the position but with time, she has the potential to surpass those that have come before her – in fact, her Magic rating of 8 is bound to increase before long. At the moment, her power levels reflect her inexperience more than anything else.

She runs a magic and curiosity shop called Jenks (pronounced “Jinx”) that’s based in Grove’s Folly, a small town that’s home to a surprising amount of supernatural activity. She is close to a number of other heroes, including the Straw-Man (she was romantically involved with him for a time), the American Crusader, and Calavera. If there is anything of an occult nature threatening to the world, it’s safe to assume that Catalyst will end up taking an interest in it.

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