Finished The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 14 last night – I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. Not sure when it will make its way to press since volumes 11-13 are still in the pipeline at the publisher. This volume features a new member joining Assistance Unlimited while an older member and a supporting cast member are both killed off. It’s a bloody affair!

Up next… I don’t know yet. I might want to do another Straw-Man book since I have a couple of new characters that I think could make excellent additions to his universe. Or I might do something completely different. This is the best and worst time as a writer — the possibilities!

I’ll do my usual thing of taking a couple of days off and then I’ll dive back into writing something.

Our art today is by George Perez and features Marvel’s Moon Knight. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Disney+ series.

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