Back to Grove’s Folly

I’ve returned to Grove’s Folly, the setting for the Straw-Man series. Volume three will continue the same approach that I took with the first two books, at least in terms of it being a collection of six short stories. I’m also going to be continuing to put a concerted effort into creating new concepts and characters. Volume three will see a modern-day updating of the old American Crusader character, a story focusing on the ghostly Ephemera and several more. I’ve tried to play the entire series as a horror superhero title, in the vein of the the Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing or Marvel’s Ghost Rider and I think it works pretty well. Sometimes it veers a little bit further into heroics and other times it’s mostly horror but overall it’s a blend.

Hopefully I’ll have some news about upcoming releases soon. Keep watching this space!

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