Nearing the End

I’m approaching the end of Lazarus Gray Volume 14. It’s been a fun experience — as some of you know, this will be the second time I’ve written Volume 14. Originally, I wrote an entire novel that dealt with elements from Music From the Elder by KISS and the notion that there is a ‘lost’ play by Shakespeare that drives people insane when they see it performed.

Yeah. It was… interesting.

I wasn’t completely happy with that book so I turned around and started all over. The only thing I kept from the original version of 14 was the character of Randolph Winthrop. Lazarus Gray’s uncle will remain an integral part of the story, though the plot is now completely different.

Sorry, KISS fans, I’ve scratched the character of Mr. Blackwell.

So now I have an abandoned Lazarus Gray novel that definitely exists in an alternate timeline since its adds a character to the cast that the new version doesn’t and one of the folks who dies in the new one survives in the original. Maybe one day after I’m gone somebody will publish this thing.

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