Calavera (ICONS Writeup)

CalaveraValerie Graycreated by Barry Reese Prowess 3Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 4Awareness 4Willpower 6 Stamina 9 Powers*Blast 8 (Extra: Magical)*Immortality 1*Servant 5 (Valerie can raise the dead, which function as shambling warriors at her control)*Postcognition – Speak with the Dead 8 (Valerie can revive the recently deceased – they are compelled to answer her questions until theContinue reading “Calavera (ICONS Writeup)”

Geist (ICONS Writeup)

GeistMordecai Graycreated by Barry Reese Prowess 6Coordination 5Strength 5Intellect 4Awareness 5Willpower 5 Stamina 10 PowersAll powers are derived from his suit and equipment:*Damage Resistance 5*Binding 4*Strike 6 (Taser Gloves)*Gadgets 4 SpecialtiesAthletics, Drive, Investigation, Leadership, Martial Arts, Military, Pilot, Stealth, Weapons – Handguns (Expert +2) Qualities“I’m a better hero than I am a father.”Unusual familyA manContinue reading “Geist (ICONS Writeup)”

Singularity (ICONS Writeup)

SingularityDr. Gail Sanderscreated by Barry Reese Prowess 2Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 6Awareness 8Willpower 5 Stamina 8 Powers*Cosmic Power 8 (Extras: Blast, Dazzle, Flight, Force Field, Life Support, Phasing, Transmutation) SpecialtiesScience – Physics (Expert +2) QualitiesScience is my religionDon’t call me a superheroI have three Master’s degrees and a PhD – but my mom thinks I’m aContinue reading “Singularity (ICONS Writeup)”

Catalyst (ICONS Writeup)

CatalystLogan Jenkinscreated by Barry Reese Prowess 3Coordination 3Strength 3Intellect 5Awareness 7Willpower 8 Stamina 11 Powers*Magic 8 (Extras-Mastery: Blast, Flight, Healing) SpecialtiesOccult (Expert +2) QualitiesSorceress SupremeI’d rather talk this out than have to fight youI don’t like to talk about my past Background: The title of Catalyst is given to the most powerful magician in theContinue reading “Catalyst (ICONS Writeup)”

American Crusader (ICONS Writeup)

American CrusaderJada GrantOriginal American Crusader is public domain; Jada Grant version created by Barry Reese Prowess 4Coordination 3Strength 8Intellect 3Awareness 3Willpower 4 Stamina 12 Powers*Flight 6*Damage Resistance 6 SpecialtiesAerial Combat, Art (fashion design) QualitiesLegacy HeroThere’s not much I can’t solve by hitting things.It’s time for someone to remind America of what makes it great… mightContinue reading “American Crusader (ICONS Writeup)”

Straw-Man (Icons Writeup)

Straw-ManSamuel Hain/Gwydion fab DônCreated by Barry Reese Prowess 6Coordination 4Strength 5Intellect 5Awareness 6Willpower 6 Stamina 11 Powers*Extra Body Parts – Elongation 4 (The Straw-Man can grow pumpkin vines out of his back)*Immortality 3*Life Support 10*Magic 5 (Limit: Spells must be nature-based and require the Straw-Man to ask the spirits of nature to assist him byContinue reading “Straw-Man (Icons Writeup)”


JupiterJoseph BlakeCreated by Barry Reese Prowess 5Coordination 6Strength 9Intellect 4Awareness 5Willpower 5 Stamina 14 Powers*Blast 10 (Can be emitted from either his eyes or his hands)*Dazzle 6*Flight 8*Immortality 5 (Limit: Can be killed by magical attacks)*Damage Resistance 8 (Limit: Reduced by half against magical attacks)*Super-Senses: Enhanced Hearing 3 SpecialtiesAerial Combat – Expert (+2), Investigation, Performance:Continue reading “JUPITER (ICONS WRITEUP)”

The Super-Fan Reviews Lazarus 13

The Pulp Super-Fan, Michael Brown, is back with a look at volume thirteen of the Lazarus Gray series. Let’s see what he says: Lazarus Gray is a New Pulp character from Reese (The Peregrine, Gravedigger, and other characters and works). Gray is sort of inspired by the classic pulp hero The Avenger, and has aContinue reading “The Super-Fan Reviews Lazarus 13”


So I’ve been working hard on the debut novel featuring Calavera, which has turned into a crossover novel for many of the characters that exist in my modern-day. Several years back, I had all my World War II-era characters meet up and this is similar but with the likes of Calavera, Babylon, Catalyst (the 21stContinue reading “Calavera”

Dragonlance Reading Order 2022 — Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub

Logo Credit: Wizards of the CoastImage Credit: Larry ElmoreBanner Credit: Fantasy Book Nerd The Dragonlance world is one I happily revisit every year. Rich in detail and huge in scope, the series itself boasts over one hundred novels, and the first book in a new trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, titled Dragons of […]Continue reading “Dragonlance Reading Order 2022 — Witty and Sarcastic Bookclub”