Kindred (Icons Writeup)

aka Gabriel Stacy Osborn and Sarah Stacy Osborn

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 6
Intellect 3
Awareness 6
Willpower 5

Stamina 11

*Alteration Ray 7
*Aura (Bugs) 4
*Dream Control 8
*Extra Body Parts (centipedes) 5 (Fast Attack)
*Damage Resistance 8
*Magic 4
*Mind Control 7 (Extra: Extrasensory Perception, can see through the eyes of those he controls)
*Teleportation 8
*Mind Shield 8
*Healing 8 (Extras: Resurrection)

Athletics, Investigation – Sarah Stacy only, Occult

*Extremely confusing backstory
*Ages rapidly
*Actually twins pretending to be the same entity


Prior to his death, Harry Osborn devised a cruel plan to torture both his father Norman and his former best friend Peter Parker. With the help of Mendel Stromm, he built a secret laboratory in the Parisian Osborn Manor and genetically-engineered two bodies spliced from Norman and Gwen Stacy’s DNA: a boy named Gabriel and a girl named Sarah. They were created to torture Peter, Norman, and Mary Jane Watson by making them believe Gwen had cheated on Peter with Norman and got impregnated by him as a result, with Harry going as far as to hiring Mysterio to hypnotize both Norman and Mary Jane to implant false memories which corroborated that narrative. The twins were raised by an artificial intelligence designed from Harry and Norman’s minds, who inherited Harry’s revenge plots after he died, to believe that lie as well.

Because of a genetic flaw caused by Norman’s enhanced blood, the Stacy twins aged at a rapid rate, resulting in their premature deaths. Taking advantage of that, Mephisto, the Hell-Lord to whom Norman traded Harry’s soul for achieving glory, acted through the Osborn A.I. to bring them back to life again and again, forging them in the literal flames of Hell while they were in his realm. He planned to eventually use them as his pawns to claim Spider-Man’s soul, thus averting a future he saw in which the hero’s daughter with Mary Jane ended his reign of terror once and for all.

Once more living on earth, Gabriel and Sarah shared the mantle of “Kindred” and haunted Peter Parker as the damned soul of Harry Osborn, also manipulating Norman’s awareness of facts into believing such. During Mysterio’s psych review in Ravencroft, Sarah appeared apologetic and allowed him to mutter her real name. However, she apologized again and killed him,before learning it was an escape by Mysterio from Ravencroft. Although angry that he shared Kindred’s name, she instead spared him in a plan to give Mary Jane a job in a film. Prior to Dark Carnage’s invasion, Sarah visited Norman’s cell in Ravencroft to vent, and also implant a parasite that stunned his Carnage-ized form later, helping Peter win in the fight. She ventured into Hell to make Sin-Eater a minion of Kindred’s on earth,and sent him on a violent campaign, culminating in the cleansing of Norman before Gabriel harvested the combined sins to possess the Order of the Web.

With Gabriel’s capture, Sarah continued the mission and abducted Carlie Cooper before she could reveal the real Harry Osborn’s corpse to Mary Jane, imprisoning her alongside Harry’s clone. Later, she moved on to guide Otto Octavius from afar in reassembling the original Sinister Six. As the Sinister War began, Sarah had Mysterio abduct Mary Jane and reveal her brainwashing with false memories as part of Harry’s posthumous plot. Sarah then revealed her true face before explaining the cloning experiment that created her, the connection to their “previous” encounter, and how Peter was to be punished. After Peter was portaled to Paris, their battle culminated in a final confrontation where, despite their best efforts, the Kindreds were ultimately unable to break Peter’s spirit as Mephisto wanted and the demon dismissed them. With Mephisto no longer keeping them genetically stable, their rapid-aging disease returned, and Sarah died with her brother beside Peter.

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