World Beater (Icons Writeup)

Prowess 9
Coordination 9
Strength 10
Intellect 4
Awareness 3
Willpower 3

Stamina 13

*Light Control 8 (Extras: Infra-Red Energy Blast, Yellow Aura Generation, Dazzle)
*Ice Control 8 (Extras: Blast)
*Blast – Anti-Energy Blasts 10
*Weather Control – Storm Generation 9 (Extras: Lightning Blast)
*Teleportation 8
*Super-Speed 8 (Extras: Phasing)
*Damage Resistance – Robot Body 8


“That does it! I’ve beaten every superhero on Earth!”
“You certainly are fast, Flash! But so am I!”
Big man has big weaknesses – the GM should reward players for cleverly identifying weaknesses that someone with his powers might possess and manipulating World Beater into a situation where they can take effect.


The evil-scientist Dr. Indrom has been capturing villains against their will for a truly diabolic plan. He plans to kill them all by disintegrating their atoms and have them re-formed into one robotic creature known as the World Beater. Upon completion, Dr. Indrom gives World Beater a test to go to Earth and defeat all the heroes there. Amazingly, he succeeds! World Beater defeats the Freedom Fighters, Plastic Man, the Teen Titans and many others off-panel and we witness him utterly humiliating the various members of the Super Friends. It falls to Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog to try and stop him… and they manage to do so! World Beater’s one flaw is that he not only absorbed all the powers of the various villains that Indrom captured… but he also got their weaknesses! Anti-Man, a villain recently defeated by the Super Friends, had a weakness to x-rays… so Wendy and Marvin encase themselves in medieval suits of armor to make World Beater think he’s facing a new threat. The robot generates x-rays to see what sort of beings are inside the armor — and the x-rays cause him to shut down, as they were Anti-Man’s weakness!

World Beater is probably the most famous of all the villains introduced in the Super Friends comic. He’s wonderful to look at and he kicks butt. He probably has a lot more powers than the ones described in this writeup but this covers the abilities he displayed and it should make him more than a match for almost any roleplaying group. He beat Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, etc. without much trouble at all. Of course, he didn’t inherit any magical or mental powers that we saw so he does have some weaknesses if your group is mystically or telepathically strong. And, of course, there’s whatever weaknesses (besides x-rays) that he may have inherited from his unwilling donors.

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