Brimstone (Icons Writeup)

aka Joseph “Joe” Chamberlain

Prowess 5
Coordination 5
Strength 7
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 11

Brimstone’s source of power comes from the Dark Multiverse’s variant of the Firestorm Matrix (wielded by an evil Firestorm known as Infernal). This power is considered elemental (similar to the likes of Swamp Thing), albeit corrupted. It gives Brimstone the following abilities:

*Flame Control 8 (Extras: Flight, Blast, Aura, Constructs)
*Regeneration 4
*Life Support 2 (Heat, Pressure)
*Magic Resistance 6
*Damage Resistance 5
*When not in his Brimstone form, Prowess, Coordination, and Strength are all reduced to 3, reducing his Stamina to 7.


*Loyal to his sister
*Possessing the power of Brimstone makes Joe struggle to restrain the dark aspects of his own powers. The more often he uses that power, the more it affects his mind and soul, which makes Joe sometimes lose control when he becomes Brimstone.
*I don’t care about order. I don’t care about chaos… I don’t care about any of it. It all ends in the same way. Everything burns.


Joseph Chamberlain was born to a coal miner named Darren Chamberlain and had a sister named Annie. He lived in York Hills, a small but semi-prosperous town in the middle of nowhere. Joe’s father was injured in a tunnel collapse, permanently damaging his leg.

Eventually the coal mines dried up, and the town soon lost its economic use. As the inhabitants deserted, Joe and his family were unfortunately trapped in the dying town due to Joe’s father’s injuries keeping them from moving.

One day, Joe met a man who introduced himself as “the Salesman”, who made him a unique offer to “put York Hills back on the map” if Joe agreed to be his agent. Joe eagerly agreed, seeing the opportunity to save his family, and shook the Salesman’s hand. However, by doing so, Joe went through a dramatic transformation into a fiery creature known as Brimstone. The Salesman, in actuality, was a powerful entropic entity who planned to put York Hills on the map by killing all of its remaining inhabitants, an act Joe himself would be forced to carry out.

Joe was discovered unconscious after his deal with the Salesman by his sister Annie. Upon waking in his bed at home, Joe told his sister the entire situation, and the two looked for possible evidence about the Salesman. Going to the only hotel in town the Salesman could possibly be staying, the siblings found his room empty except for clothes and a ledger.

The pair were contacted by the Salesman, who told them that he had kidnapped their father in order to further his plans to destroy York Hills.

Soon after, they met the Hound, an agent of the Salesman who had been tricked to destroy her own town with ice powers. Though her situation was similar to Brimstone’s, she had accepted her fate as one of the Saleman’s agents and attacked him. Though they temporarily fought, Joe and Annie managed to escape.

While escaping, Joe and Annie were stopped by the Salesman, who threatened to kill their father if Joe didn’t comply. Though Joe fought back to save his father’s life, the Hound caught up to them and froze Joe’s father to death for his disobedience. In an emotional rage, Joe unleashed an explosion, accidentally destroying York Hills. Though both Joe and Annie survived, and the Salesman nowhere to be found, the brother and sister went on a road trip with the Salesman’s Ledger to prevent another tragedy like this to happen again.

Eventually, Annie assumed the curse from her brother and became the new Brimstone. She has all of the same abilities as her brother when he was Brimstone.

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