Dovi (Icons Writeup)

Prowess 4
Coordination 3
Strength 4
Intellect 6
Awareness 4
Willpower 3

Stamina 7

*Time Machine Shuttle – Handling 8, Speed 10, Structure 5, Armor 5, Blast 8, Time Travel 8
*Helmet – Damage Resistance 2, also offers protection from the rigors of space travel
*Gadgets 5

Pilot – Time Machine Shuttle (Expert +2 bonus), Science (+1 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus)

*Would-Be Master of Time
*Appreciates the Ladies
*Member of the Anti-Fly League


Dovi was a criminal from the future who sought refuge by escaping into the past. It was during this “time period” that he joined fellow Fly foes and became a member of the Anti-Fly League. During their first confrontation, the Fly was able to trick Dovi, and sent him back to the future.

Still seeking vengeance, Dovi recruited the beautiful Cleopatra as his crime partner, and they went back in time to destroy their enemy. Unfortunately, Cleopatra fell in love with the Fly and planned to stay and marry him, instead of luring him into Dovi’s trap. Yet, Dovi had a surprise for her, as he already arranged a punishment if Cleopatra did not follow through with their original pact.

He was aware that his partner’s facial tissue was not protected from time traveling (this is why he wears a special helmet), and she was beginning to show signs of rapid aging. As punishment for being a traitor, she had to make a choice, stay in the present time with the Fly, and continue to lose her bewitching beauty, or go with Dovi in order to regain her looks. She chose her looks, and they both traveled away together.

Dovi could return at any point – or someone might steal the time machine that he possesses. There’s potential here.

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