Stardust (Icons Writeup)

AKA Doctor Mara or Dusty

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 3
Intellect 6
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 7

*Light Manipulation 8 (Extras: Flight, Blast, Energy Absorption)

Powers – Light Manipulation (+1 bonus), Science (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (Expert +2 bonus)

*Unfamiliar with Earth customs
*Powers begin to fade if she is cut off from starlight
*Comes from a planet made up entirely of women – thus, she is far more comfortable interacting with females.


Dr. Mara is from the planet Rur, a planet made up entirely of women who are born from the planet itself. Rur was at war with the Kronon Empire, and Dr. Mara was sent to Earth along with General Proxima to find Captain Paragon, who they sought to use as a weapon to turn the tide of the war. The two aliens found the Captain in a state of stasis and used Rurian technology to revive him. However, Paragon refused to fight in their war and left.

While Proxima pursued Paragon intending to bring him back by force if necessary, Dr. Mara discovered that the machinery she had used to awaken Paragon had absorbed a portion of his energy. She used the machine on herself and the stellar energy supercharged her cells. She found him just as his old foe the Black Shroud was able to kill him, and used her light-based powers to defeat the weakened villain. In return, Paragon agreed to help her people. After Rur had won the war, Stardust decided to remain on Earth to study its culture. She had always felt out of place among the warrior culture of her people, and she was tired of constantly clashing with Proxima.

What she did not realize was her example started a rebellion on Rur with other like-minded women protesting the militant culture. Eventually, open war broke out on the planet. Seeking to end the war, Proxima warped Rur into Earth’s orbit, causing catastrophic global disasters, and insisting that Stardust be returned or Earth would be destroyed. While the world’s heroes battled the Rurian invaders, Stardust reversed the device so that Rur would return to its proper place and the Rurians were defeated. In the aftermath, Proxima was exiled and traveled to Earth, swearing vengeance upon Stardust.

Stardust’s naiveté about Earth customs led her to get involved with David Burke, husband of Jennifer Burke, Ms. Victory’s daughter. While Stardust thought they were just being friends, David thought it was more and it contributed to the breakup of his marriage with Jennifer. As a result, most of Jennifer’s teammates on the Sentinels of Justice still hold a grudge against Stardust.

Information from “Knockouts and Powerhouses” the Superbabes Role Playing Game Supplement, copyright 1994 by Selex, Inc.

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