Gypsy Moth (Icons Writeup)

Gypsy Moth
aka Sybil Dvorak

Prowess 2
Coordination 4
Strength 3
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 7

*Telekinesis 7 (Extras: Flight, Binding; Limit: Because all matter has a powerful and specific “texture” to her mind, she prefers to only manipulate “soft” substances like fibers and other malleable, yielding substances. This preference extends to the point of her having a strong aversion to mentally touching anything hard or solid. Thus she confines her manipulation to such substances as fabrics (both organic and synthetic) and organic tissue such as that of plants or animals)

Aerial Combat, Languages – English & Romanian, Performance – Seduction, Stealth

*”The Gypsy Moth does not fear you.”
*Uses her appearance to her advantage


Sybil Dvorak is a mutant whose powers manifested themselves while she was a child. Raised by gypsies, she had spent much time alone nurturing and focusing her mental abilities. In her late teens, she met a handsome middle-aged American actor named Jason Reed who was starring in a foreign-financed remake of the movie Dracula. Seduced by him, she agreed to accompany him to his Hollywood home as his mistress. The glamour and excitement of being in America in love with a wealthy actor soon faded when Reed spent increasingly more time away from home. Her citizenship papers not yet processed, and still not speaking English fluently, Dvorak felt like a prisoner in the actor’s home. She soon began to suspect that Reed was having affairs with other Hollywood starlets. One night she used her powers to weave herself wings and a disguise, and she began to scour the haunts of the rich and famous in search of her errant lover. The sight of social gatherings she could never be part of provoked her to use her powers to prey upon the socialites: an activity, which brought her into conflict with the original Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew). Later on, she abandoned the costume and identity of Gypsy Moth, preferring to wear a more revealing outfit and calling herself Skein.

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