Howard the Duck (Icons Writeup)

Howard the Duck

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 2
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 6


Investigation, Martial Artist – Quack Fu (Expert +2 bonus), Mental Resistance, Stealth

He’s short… and he’s a duck.
Former Presidential Candidate.
Used to hang out with a swamp monster, an old wizard, and a hot chick with frying pans over her boobs.


Howard is a native of the so-called Duckworld. This is an alternate Earth where various types of birds have evolved into humanoid form and sapience.

He was accidentally stranded in the mainstream Marvel Universe by the demonic entity known as Thog. That happened when that creature attempted to conquer several dimensions by manipulating the precarious Cosmic Axis. Since then, he has stumbled through a series of improbable adventure, sometimes involving Earth’s super-heroes. For the first months that he was part of the human world, he mostly hung out with Man-Thing, Dakhim the Enchanter, and Jennifer Kale.

Operating generally out of the city of Cleveland, Ohio, Howard has acclimated to life in this dimension fairly well. He was greatly helped by a friendly young woman named Beverly Switzler, with whom he’s become romantically involved.

Although he was once offered a chance to return home, he opted to stay on this world. Howard has become comfortable with his life here.

After spending the last few years living in quiet obscurity, Howard has recently begun getting involved in bizarre adventures again. He encountered Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and his clone Ben Reilly, the Ghost Rider, and the kids of Generation X. Recently, he has become a private eye, using his natural ability to wander into dangerous situations to good effect.

Howard is a humanoid duck standing 2’7 and weighing about 45 lbs. He is covered in yellow-white feathers everywhere except his bright-orange legs and bill. He has human-like arms and hands instead of wings.

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