Mistress Crescendo (Icons Writeup)

Prowess 2
Coordination 4
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 4
Willpower 7

Stamina 10

*Energy Blast 8
*ESP 8
*Force Field 8
*Illusion 7
*Immortality 4
*Teleportation 8

Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Military – Tactics (Expert +2 bonus)

“I will not allow you to steal that which is rightfully mine!”
Absolutely loathes the Visigoths
“You fear me? Then it is as it should be!”


Very little is known about Crescendo’s past. She is a former Egyptian queen who was deposed by the Visigoths. Upon discovering that Aric of Dacia (aka X-O Manowar) was the last surviving Visigoth, she set out to destroy the company he owned (Orb Industries) and kill everyone that he was close to. This led her to murder Aric’s closest friends (Randy Cartier and Ken Clarkson), destroy Orb headquarters, and set Aric on the run.

Eventually, she discovered a portal between her universe and another. Teaming with Baron Zemo and several other villains from that world, she unsuccessfully sought to rewrite reality. Her scheme was foiled by the combined efforts of X-O Manowar and Iron Man.

Crescendo is mostly a blank slate and you can easily add or subtract details as needed. She is very powerful, immortal, and beautiful in a Bart Sears/Andy Smith-illustrated kind of way. She has armored footsoldiers and an adviser named Augur.

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