Armstrong (Icons Writeup)

aka Aram Anni-Padda

Prowess 5
Coordination 3
Strength 8
Intellect 3
Awareness 3
Willpower 4

Stamina 12

*Armstrong’s Satchel – Gadgets 8 (Armstrong’s satchel holds the mysteries of the ancient worlds, universes within universes, the secret of life itself, and trinkets of the Gods like the Holy Grail, the Eye of the Sphinx, the Eye of the Medusa, and the Wand of Circe, all of which remain beyond its owner’s understanding)
*Damage Resistance 7
*Regeneration 7
*Resistance 10 (Cold, Heat, Toxins, Disease)
*Immortality 8

Art – Poetry (Expert +2), Linguistics (Expert +2), Wrestling

*Apathy – Armstrong is fully capable of experiencing emotions, but those feelings do not play a prominent role in his thought processes. Brain waves are very calm, akin to a zen monk. As such immune to depression, mental illness, etc.
*Eidetic Memory
*Party Animal


Armstrong, also known by his original name Aram Anni-Padda, is one half of the adventuring duo Archer & Armstrong. He is one of four immortal siblings born in ancient Mesopotamia, along with his younger brother Gilad the Eternal Warrior, older brother Ivar the Timewalker and younger sister Vexana the War-Monger. Unlike his more serious brothers, Armstrong is known to be a hedonistic party animal famous for his drinking and carousing. He is relentlessly pursued by ancient religious order called “The Sect” who view him as a demonic figure. In the 21st century Armstrong teams up against the Sect with Obadiah Archer, a young martial arts prodigy raised in a Christian cult.

Armstrong is a hedonistic alcoholic, spending the millennia he’s been alive bedding countless women and consuming countless gallons of alcohol. However, he also has a poetic streak, writing poems that range in quality from poorly-written excuses for poems to classics of literature such as the Epic of Gilgamesh (which was loosely based on his early life). Additionally, Armstrong struggles to develop long-term meaningful relationships, as he knows he will outlive almost anyone he meets.

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