Archer – Original (Icons Writeup)

Obadiah “Obie” Archer

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 5
Intellect 4
Awareness 6
Willpower 8

Stamina 13

Body Supremacy – Archer’s Psiot power was the subconscious ability to mentally adjust and adapt his body. This allows him to reach the peak of physical perfection, have nearly perfect aim, and even see in the dark.
*Super-Senses 1 (Can see in complete darkness)
*Strength Boost 6
*Crossbow 4

Athletics (Master +3 bonus), Martial Arts (Master +3 bonus), Sleight of hand (Expert +2 bonus), Stealth (Expert +2 bonus), Weapons – Ranged (Master +3 bonus)

*Best friends with Armstrong.
*At war with The Sect.
*Uptight and naive.


When Obadiah discovers that his evangelist parents, the reverend Joe Earl Archer and his wife, Thelma, are deviant killers who use their position in the church to murder young parishioners after he witnesses their murderous activities, they tie him up and set their house afire to engineer his fiery death in order to cover their tracks.

Left clinically dead, Obadiah undergoes a near-death experiences in which he promises to punish his parents and rejects Heaven to return to Earth. Rescued from the flames by a firefighter, Obadiah miraculously returns to the land of the living and commits himself to vanquish the evils of the world, convinced that God has empowered him to right the wrongs of the world.

Obadiah escapes from the hospital before his parents can try to kill him again and hitches a ride aboard a cargo ship that takes him to Tibet, where the residents of the Temple of Lamayuru take him and teach him the arts of armed and unarmed combat. As a Harbinger, Obadiah possesses an ability that gives him complete control over his body and flawless aim, but, unfortunately, he cannot master his rage against his parents, so the venerable master asks him to leave Ladakh.

Soon after his return to the States, Obadiah learns that his parents had been in prison since shortly after his escape from the hospital, which leaves him without a purpose in his life for the first time in years. Wandering the streets of Los Angeles looking for guidance, Archer finds a most unusual teacher in the form of Aram Anni-Padda, the immortal Armstrong. Archer & Armstrong battle “The Sect,” an ancient religious order targeting both of them. Armstrong attempts to break the uptight and naive Archer out of his shell while teaching him the ways of the world.

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