Shadowman (Icons Writeup)

Shadowman (VH1 Version)
aka Jack Boniface

Prowess 5
Coordination 6
Strength 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 11

*Detection (Darque Energy) 2
*Leaping 2
*Regeneration 4
*Night Vision 3

Note: Jack’s powers stem from necromantic energy (often called Darque Energy). As a result, all of his powers are only effective at night. In addition, during the daytime hours, Jack’s Prowess, Coordination, and Strength are reduced to 3, which means his daytime Stamina is 8.

Performance (Saxophone Expert, + 2 bonus), Athletics (+ 1 bonus), Occult (+ 1 bonus), Stealth (Expert, + 2 bonus)

Free-form improvisation in the dark
“Others to hunt down. Others to cast out of the night. MY night.”
“Someone’s shooting me ! Some sorry FOOLS are SHOOTING me !”


Jack Boniface was a jazz player who became empowered by a mysterious organization, the Coven, with the “Darque” power to fend off the sinister Master Darque. When the night falls he becomes the Shadowman, gaining super-strength, fearlessness, and a drive to help others. During the event known as Unity, Jack learned that he was fated to die in 1999 – this brought about an extra layer of fearlessness as he believed that he could do anything and would find a way to survive until the day of his foretold demise. Unfortunately, the original Valiant Universe (dubbed VH1) never made it to 1999 so we’re not certain if the prophecy came true or not.

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