Another 5-star review!

A few days ago, Amazon user ChickJ gave a 5-star review to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 11, mentioning specifically how much the ending surprised him. Well, he’s back with a review of the follow-up to that book, Volume 12. Once again, he gave it 5-stars, titling it “If you read Lazarus Gray 11, this is a must-read.” Here’s the rest of his review:

“Lazarus Gray 11 had one of the most surprising endings I had ever read. Thankfully, I had already gotten the next book. (Thank you Barry for putting out the next book so soon!) This book wraps up some of the storylines and of course, sets up for more. I really don’t want to reveal too much. It would really spoil the impact of Book 11. Get both 11 and 12. You will thank Barry for writing such a wonderful, fascinating tale. It will make you so glad you are reading anything from Barry’s universe. A must-read for pulp, superhero, SF, and fantasy fans.”

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the wrap-up! Book 12 was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write, simply because I had to resolve so many plotlines and do it satisfactorily. I’m glad you felt I succeeded!

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