A 5-Star Review

Amazon user ChickJ posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Eleven. He gave it the title of ‘The Ending Blew Me Away’ and this was what he went on to say:

“Although his last book I read, (Worlds Apart: An AC Comics/Resse Unlimited Crossover) I thought it was his best book. But this one I wish I could give 7 stars or at least 6 stars. The book is darker than most of his writing but the storyline needed it. Images of strange things abound, like a house that runs around on chicken legs. The worlds of the living and dead are merging. And toss in Nazis into the mix, you have a terrific tale. But the ending really surprised me for the first time in decades. A must-read for everyone.”

Thanks, o’ faithful reader! I’m glad you enjoyed it — the ending was definitely meant to throw you for a loop. Let me know if you think I handled the fallout well in the next book!

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