Worlds Collide Review

Dale Russell gave the Reese Unlimited/AC Comics crossover a 5-star review. Here’s what he had to say:

1940 – Laura Wright – also known as Nightveil finds herself torn through time and cast into a time – and a body – not her own. Powers diminished; she has teamed up with Charity Grace who has survived her time of redemption as the supernaturally powered Gravedigger. After their latest battle, they have begun the travel home when serendipity brings them into the company of Lazarus Gray, returning from a mission performed at the behest of the French Government. But, as is the world’s wont, no good deeds go unpunished and soon the three heroes find themselves fighting against a demon from Nightveil’s world…one who magically restores a long thought dead enemy of Gray and Co. Soon, the friends become enemies and a new group of heroes is thrown into the conflict…the only hope to destroy the evil before it destroys them all.

Here is a great new entry in Pro Se Productions publishing the expanding universe of REESE UNLIMITED, created and populated by the fertile mind and storytelling of Barry Reese. Combining his iconic hero, Lazarus Gray, with the Gravedigger – another hero populating his world – and teaming them up with Nightveil – perhaps the strongest and long-lived of AC Comics FemForce, Reese delivers another fun and exciting story that readers of his books and one of comic fandoms’ favorite comic book run.

If you’re looking for great New Pulp adventures and fan-hoped for genre crossovers, this is the one.

Thanks for the kind words, Dale. This digest-sized story was a lot of fun to write. Nightveil is such a rich character and she fits right into my fictional world. Hopefully I’ll get to write the character again someday.

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