Worlds Apart Review

Amazon user ChickJ gave the book 5 stars and titled his review “Pulp and comics crossover done by a master.” Here’s his full review:

“A wonderful cross of comics and pulp. Lazarus Gray is my second favorite character in Reese’s world. But my favorite character did kinda show up as Lady Peregrine. Set in the 40’s, the battle between two evil villains and 6 heroines and one hero seems to be a little lopsided but lots of fun. (Scantily-covered females always interest us guys.) I notice this was written in 2017, it seems this was when Barry Reese was hitting all the right notes. (I have to go get Nightveil: The Quiet Girls. He really made me want to read it.)”

Glad you enjoyed the book! If you liked this one, definitely seek out The Quiet Girls as I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written.

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