Lazarus Gray & Nightveil

A few years ago I got the honor of writing a novel featuring AC’s Nightveil character. The book, The Quiet Girls, turned out really well and I’m still extremely proud of it. Nightveil’s creator, Bill Black, mentioned to me that he would like to see some of his characters meet some of mine… and that sparked the idea that eventually turned into a novel pairing Lazarus Gray and Nightveil (and Gravedigger!). We deal with dopplegangers between characters in each universe, get to see one of Gray’s arch-enemies team up with one of Nightveil’s… and a whole lot more. I’m bringing it up because the novel has finally made it through the approval process and entered the formatting phase. Hopefully it’ll be released in the next couple of months!

Today you get to see a sneak preview of the cover of said novel, by my old partner, George Sellas. If that doesn’t get you excited for this, I don’t know what will!

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