Lazarus at War Review

Amazon user ChickJ had the following review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Ten. He gave it four out of five stars:

Lazarus at War is the reason to read this book. If you love reading about Lazarus Gray, this story is a must. But the first story The Heroes in Satan’s Lair, you should skip. And the cover is the worst one I have seen in a long time. If I hadn’t read this series before I would have given this book a hard pass, just on the cover alone. (In fact I wouldn’t read the book if I got paid to. That how bad I thought of the cover.) Calling all Lazarus Gray fans, a must read. If you haven’t read one, go start on Lazarus Gray Vol. 1. Not this one. Still I can’t wait for the next Lazarus Gray book.

First of all, thanks for the review Chick — and I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the Lazarus at War story. The first story was meant for an anthology that ended up not being published so Pro Se decided to place it at the beginning of this volume. I had some qualms about opening the book with a lengthy story that doesn’t feature Lazarus Gray at all but it was still the best place for it. I actually thought the story was a good one – I’m a fan of all the characters involved and I never miss an opportunity to use Doctor Satan.

As for the cover, it is definitely a shift in style and tone from previous books but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Jeffrey Hayes is a talented artist and I’ve heard from many readers that love the cover art. This is the first book for which I did contract the cover art — prior to this one I contacted the artist, paid for it, etc. but with the change in my working agreements with Pro Se, it was decided that they would choose the artwork for the series beginning with this volume. Mr. Hayes will be doing the covers for volumes eleven and twelve, as well, which comprise a trilogy of sorts.

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