The past couple of days have been trying ones for me – I suffer from anxiety and depression at the best of times but at the moment I’m feeling annoyed with my writing career. The negative reaction to The Sword of Hel is demoralizing in the sense that when I try to branch out from my usual work, it doesn’t seem to go over well… whereas the ratings for the tenth book in the Lazarus Gray series are, as usual, high. I’m not unhappy with my ‘normal’ work but it does seem like what most people want is for me to just continue doing the same old, same old. Of course, sales in general have stagnated in recent years and I continue to feel totally ignored by the ‘critics’. I’ve often said that I have a compulsion to write and that I’ve tried to quit numerous times over the years. There are definitely moments when I wish I could wash my hands of it all and just turn my back on all these characters and series — but I’ve learned that I’d just be drawn back in by some half-assed idea lol

Oh, well. Happy Monday!

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