Sunday Thoughts

Early reactions to Worlds Apart, the crossover novel between the heroes of the Femforce comics and my Reese Unlimited imprint, have been positive — and I heard from Sean Ali, the formatting genius who’s working on the 11th volume of Lazarus Gray. He said that he was genuinely shocked and thrilled by the ending toContinue reading “Sunday Thoughts”

Worlds Apart!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE EPIC CROSSOVER ACTION! NIGHTVEIL AND LAZARUS GRAY! BARRY REESE’S ‘WORLDS APART’ DEBUTS! The heroes of two universes come together to face a threat to all reality! For the first time ever, AC Comics and Pro Se Productions’ author imprint Reese Unlimited cross over in Barry Reese’s WORLDS APART! Now available in printContinue reading “Worlds Apart!”

Another Lazarus Review!

Pat Casey has posted a new review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Ten on Amazon. He gave the book 5 stars and had the following to say: The newest adventure of Assistance Unlimited has arrived. Barry Reese has given his readers another double barreled shot of pulpy goodness! This volume consists of twoContinue reading “Another Lazarus Review!”

Lazarus Gray & Nightveil

A few years ago I got the honor of writing a novel featuring AC’s Nightveil character. The book, The Quiet Girls, turned out really well and I’m still extremely proud of it. Nightveil’s creator, Bill Black, mentioned to me that he would like to see some of his characters meet some of mine… and thatContinue reading “Lazarus Gray & Nightveil”

What A Month!

Two books released in December! It’s been an exciting time around Reese Unlimited and hopefully a few folks will end up with one or both of them under the Christmas tree. One of them is a new addition to my long-running Lazarus Gray series while the other is a one-off starring a sword and sorceryContinue reading “What A Month!”

Grave Matters

The following is an essay that ran in the first Gravedigger book. It’s an interesting look at the steps to the character’s creation and serves as a sort of literary time capsule. Hope you find it interesting! GRAVE MATTERSOR…HOW I CAME TO WRITE THIS BOOK Hello, Faithful Readers! I hope you enjoyed the introduction toContinue reading “Grave Matters”

A recent look at Lazarus Gray

Paul’s Scribblings recently took a look at the Lazarus Gray series. You can head over here to see what Paul had to say about the series and the manner in which he’s been consuming it. The art accompanying this post is by George Sellas and was the cover to the fourth book in the LazarusContinue reading “A recent look at Lazarus Gray”