May Is Here

Today is the first of May. I had hopes at the beginning of the year of making 2023 something special, given that it was the 20th anniversary of my becoming a professional writer. Unfortunately, we’re almost halfway through the year and I haven’t had a single release so it’s beginning to look like this year will be like most of my recent ones… a bit slow. Of course, I’m writing a ton, it’s just a long process to get through the Pro Se editing and publishing schedule. The company has so many great writers and titles that it’s very competitive.

Right now I’m working on the fourth Dark Society novel, which you probably won’t see in print until 2025 or 2026! After this, I have a few ideas… one of the things I’ve thought about doing is releasing a series of stories right here on the blog. That would allow me to get some timely feedback, which is something I’ve been sorely lacking. It’s not like I make a ton of money off my writing as it is — so I might be willing to trade the royalties for feedback!

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