A Review from Hel

A new review of The Sword of Hel has hit Amazon.com, this time courtesy of Scott Rowland. He gave the book 5 stars and titled his review “Some twists on the sword and sorcery genre”. Here’s his full comments:

“I have liked all of Barry Reese’s books I have read and this is no exception. This is different from the new pulp adventures of Lazarus Gray, but has the same sort of excitement. The book grew on me as I read, with the Ragnil character, in particular, bringing a huge smile to my face. While true to the conventions of S&S heroines, Ragnil has a more compelling “origin” and that plays interestingly with Grimarr’s own. Grimarr himself has a unique backstory that gives him a sometimes melancholy air, and an actual reason to wander away from the new friends he makes. A worthy addition to Mr. Reese’s impressive body of work, and I will pick up any future appearances.”

Thanks, Scott! Glad you enjoyed the book. It’s been somewhat divisive amongst readers with some really liking it and others being left pretty cold. I’m happy you’re among the former!

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