The Batman Mini-Review

The Batman is not only the best Batman movie I’ve ever seen, it’s one of my favorite superhero movies ever. From the first minutes I knew that this was a film with a vision. I loved the colors, the rainy Gotham, the ferocity of the Batman mixed with actual detective work… Pattinson was fantastic as Batman/Bruce and I really, really like the realization that the character had that vengeance alone is not what is needed to save Gotham. He has to inspire, as well. Great character arc.

The Gordon and Catwoman characters were awesome and I never thought the Riddler could be terrifying but he was.

Yes, it’s a long film but I can’t think of what I’d have wanted to cut. In fact, it was so good that despite the fact that my bladder assured me that I couldn’t have handled it, I would have been fine with ANOTHER hour of this movie!

I really want to go see it again!

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