Monster Aces Review

Amazon user Doctor Panic posted a 5-star review of Monster Aces, an anthology that I contributed to way back in 2012. Here’s what he had to say:

Wow what a great book, really enjoyed it. The book consist of 5 stories all together, with two of them being by Jim Beard and serving as book ends for the other three. The stories revolve around a group called the Aces, who have basically giving up their own personal lives to rid the world of monsters. It is a s stated, they look to kill the monsters…no exceptions. The group is shrouded in mystery even among themselves, no one knows eachother’s true identity, all looking for the day when they can return to the life they left behind.

The first story finds the group in Europe battling a certain eight legged variety of monster “Nuff said” It flows well and the action and suspense is there from start to finish.

The Second story by Barry Reese takes us into swamp country, to battle beings that very well may have been there before man, but now are struggling to keep from extinction, what creatures you may ask, well use your imagination, but really buy the book, great reading.

The third story takes us and the aces on a wild trip down the Amazon, where a alien life form if raising hell and must be stopped. The story was written by Van Allen Plexico.

The fourth story by Ron Fortier gets its start on the battlefield of WWI in France, but brings the Aces into it when a Ghoul makes its way back to Maine, and causes havok on the folks living in the northern woods.

Jim Beard’s second story ends the book, and brings us in touch with a couple of classics, one who you can tell by the cover, and the other, well I will let that remain a surprise. If you are a fan of Horror and good Pulp, then this book is a must have. It reads well and keeps your interest from start to finish.

Thanks, Doc! I loved writing the Monster Aces… they were wonderful characters and if given the opportunity, I’d definitely return for more!

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