Miscellaneous Things

Finished watching the Daredevil series on Netflix – overall I loved it, though I do feel that the first season was the best. I thought the chemistry between the actors that played Matt, Foggy, and Karen was spot-on — and the Kingpin character was amazingly well done.

Currently reading New Avengers: Breakout by Alisa Kwitney. It’s just as empty as the comic story that it’s based upon but it seems to be better written, at least. I like the changes that have been made from the original tale.

Writing a Nature Boy/Nature Girl story at the moment — I don’t know if I’ll stick with it or if it’s just something that I’m doing until a better idea comes along. We’ll see. I do like David and Darla a lot so maybe I can keep it going.

Been doing a lot of updates over the DCU RPG Resource Site – February will mark the site’s 20th anniversary so I have a few fun things planned.

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Professional author that has worked for publishers as diverse as Marvel Comics, Moonstone Books, Wild Cat Books, Airship 27 and Pro Se Press!

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