What Next?

Finished off the second Straw-Man volume so now I’m in between projects. This is both a fun period and a maddening one because I’m temporarily free of feeling like I have to keep up with a deadline but also I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities. Should I work on the fifteenth volume of Lazarus Gray? The third Straw-Man collection? Is it time to go back to The Peregrine? Maybe I should do something completely different? What about all the cool background characters I’ve developed over the years, like Leonid Kaslov or The Darkling or Jupiter (from Straw-Man)? Maybe they deserve their own shot at stardom?

It’s been years since I featured all my heroes in one adventure… maybe it’s time for another crossover novel?

See what I mean? It’s exciting and anxiety-inducing!

What would you like to see?

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