The Sword of Hel

One of the books that should drop soon is a collection of sword & sorcery stories starring Grimarr, the Sword of Hel. A Viking warrior that dies an ignoble death, he finds himself in the Norse underworld. Desperate to redeem himself and find entrance into Valhalla, Grimarr accepts an offer from Hel, the goddess that rules the realms of the dead. In exchange for being her champion on Earth, he will be returned to life so that he may prove his valor. Thus, he begins a second life — one filled with conflict, for he must travel the globe battling warlords, evil sorcerers, and mystic creatures.

Think of it as my love letter to Robert E. Howard. I hope you enjoy it when it arrives! Our art today is of Grimarr and is courtesy of superstar artist Chris Batista!

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