Current Project

At the moment I’m writing stories for the second book in a series featuring a new character — the Straw-Man. I wrote the entire first book in about a month! Ever since the character popped into my imagination, the stories have just poured out of me. While I’ve written some great one-off books in recent years (hopefully you’ll get to see the Lilith novel and the Omnium Gatherum book at some point), it’s probably been since I created Gravedigger that I’ve really felt this enthused about a new character. The series combines elements of Celtic mythology, horror, and Bronze Age superheroics for a mix that I think is really unique. Part of what I wanted to do was really expand my universe, focus on creating NEW characters and concepts — so while some things are namedropped along the way, you don’t see any returning characters from my other books in volume one. It’s all about new villains, new organizations, new supporting characters – and, to be honest, I think there are multiple concepts here that are strong enough to carry their own stories. 

The image accompanying this post is by artist Mitch Ballard, who is doing the interiors on volume one. It features the Straw-Man confronting one of his enemies, the Midnight Goblin. 

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