Another 5-star review!

A few days ago, Amazon user ChickJ gave a 5-star review to The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 11, mentioning specifically how much the ending surprised him. Well, he’s back with a review of the follow-up to that book, Volume 12. Once again, he gave it 5-stars, titling it “If you read Lazarus Gray 11, this is a must-read.” Here’s the rest of his review:

“Lazarus Gray 11 had one of the most surprising endings I had ever read. Thankfully, I had already gotten the next book. (Thank you Barry for putting out the next book so soon!) This book wraps up some of the storylines and of course, sets up for more. I really don’t want to reveal too much. It would really spoil the impact of Book 11. Get both 11 and 12. You will thank Barry for writing such a wonderful, fascinating tale. It will make you so glad you are reading anything from Barry’s universe. A must-read for pulp, superhero, SF, and fantasy fans.”

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the wrap-up! Book 12 was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write, simply because I had to resolve so many plotlines and do it satisfactorily. I’m glad you felt I succeeded!

A 5-Star Review

Amazon user ChickJ posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Eleven. He gave it the title of ‘The Ending Blew Me Away’ and this was what he went on to say:

“Although his last book I read, (Worlds Apart: An AC Comics/Resse Unlimited Crossover) I thought it was his best book. But this one I wish I could give 7 stars or at least 6 stars. The book is darker than most of his writing but the storyline needed it. Images of strange things abound, like a house that runs around on chicken legs. The worlds of the living and dead are merging. And toss in Nazis into the mix, you have a terrific tale. But the ending really surprised me for the first time in decades. A must-read for everyone.”

Thanks, o’ faithful reader! I’m glad you enjoyed it — the ending was definitely meant to throw you for a loop. Let me know if you think I handled the fallout well in the next book!

A Review from Hel

A new review of The Sword of Hel has hit, this time courtesy of Scott Rowland. He gave the book 5 stars and titled his review “Some twists on the sword and sorcery genre”. Here’s his full comments:

“I have liked all of Barry Reese’s books I have read and this is no exception. This is different from the new pulp adventures of Lazarus Gray, but has the same sort of excitement. The book grew on me as I read, with the Ragnil character, in particular, bringing a huge smile to my face. While true to the conventions of S&S heroines, Ragnil has a more compelling “origin” and that plays interestingly with Grimarr’s own. Grimarr himself has a unique backstory that gives him a sometimes melancholy air, and an actual reason to wander away from the new friends he makes. A worthy addition to Mr. Reese’s impressive body of work, and I will pick up any future appearances.”

Thanks, Scott! Glad you enjoyed the book. It’s been somewhat divisive amongst readers with some really liking it and others being left pretty cold. I’m happy you’re among the former!

Worlds Apart Review

Amazon user ChickJ gave the book 5 stars and titled his review “Pulp and comics crossover done by a master.” Here’s his full review:

“A wonderful cross of comics and pulp. Lazarus Gray is my second favorite character in Reese’s world. But my favorite character did kinda show up as Lady Peregrine. Set in the 40’s, the battle between two evil villains and 6 heroines and one hero seems to be a little lopsided but lots of fun. (Scantily-covered females always interest us guys.) I notice this was written in 2017, it seems this was when Barry Reese was hitting all the right notes. (I have to go get Nightveil: The Quiet Girls. He really made me want to read it.)”

Glad you enjoyed the book! If you liked this one, definitely seek out The Quiet Girls as I think it’s one of the best things I’ve written.