Casting My Various Series

One thing that every writer does is perform a ‘dream casting’ in their head. For my Gravedigger series, I’d go with actress Ana de Armas for Charity Grace. She’s beautiful and has the physicality for the role. As for Lazarus Gray, he was initially based on a young Kirk Douglas but if I had to find a modern day actor to embody the role, I’d go with actor Mark Strong. He could embody the stoic bravery that the role requires. For the Peregrine, I used to think that Nathan Fillion would be perfect but he’s aged out of the role a bit so I’d go with Oscar Isaacs at the moment.

Reese Unlimited

Over the years, most of my New Pulp writing has ended up at Pro Se Productions and they’ve even given me my own imprint, Reese Unlimited. That’s where my Lazarus Gray, Gravedigger, and Peregrine stories have seen print and the majority of my writings connect to that same universe.

The logo for Reese Unlimited was designed by genius Sean Ali. You can go visit the page they have for me on their website to see some of the books I’ve written for them and read over the cover blurbs for the stories.