Ms. Mystic (ICONS Writeup)

Ms. Mystic

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 6

Stamina 12

*Magic 7 (Extras – Mastery: Element Control, Astral Projection, Flight, Healing, Blast)
*Immortality 2
*Life Support 2 (Heat, Cold)
*Damage Resistance 4
*Strike – Light Sword 7

Aerial Combat, Occult, Weapons – Light Sword (Expert +2)

Environmental warrior
Naive to modern ways
Mother Nature’s champion

Background: Ms. Mystic is a genuine witch who was burned at the stake during the Salem witch trials (1692–1695). Her soul transferred to another plane, and returned to Earth in the modern world. She is strongly concerned with environmental issues. Mystic has long white hair down to her ankles, wears a set of golden spirals in her hair which resemble the insect-antenna of faeries, and her costume is basically a black spandex catsuit with a unique appearance (created through the use of zip-a-tone in the comics).

Ms. Mystic is a magician; her ability to wield magic also gives her the power of flight, the ability to summon a sword of light, and various elemental powers.

She can also call upon Mother Nature for assistance. Ms. Mystic once called upon Mother Nature for help, and she responded by creating the superhero team Urth 4. Urth 4 are strongly influenced by the Fantastic Four, a group of four superheroes based on the four classical Greek elements.

Menace (ICONS Writeup)

Lily Hollister

Prowess 4
Coordination 6
Strength 7
Intellect 3
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 11

*Goblin Formula – In addition to boosting her physical attributes, the Goblin Formula also gives Menace Regeneration 3.
*Body Armor – Damage Resistance 5
*Goblin Grenades 7 (Extras: Plain Smoke, Knock-Out Gas, Explosive, Spider-Sense Clouding)
*Axe – Strike 4
*Goblin Glider: Handling 6, Speed 6, Structure 4, does Strike Damage 6 when used for charging

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Pilot -Glider (+1 bonus), Weapons – Axe (+1 bonus)

*”The thrill, the chaos, the insanity! God, I’ve missed being a Goblin!”
*Socialite turned criminal
*Part of the goblin legacy

Background: Lily Hollister enjoyed a privileged childhood alongside her best friend Carlie Cooper. Lily’s father, wealthy attorney Bill Hollister, became a father figure to Carlie. As adults, fun-loving Lily and workaholic Carlie became roommates. Lily met Harry Osborn while he was investigating potential political candidates in New York, including Bill Hollister. Bill was now a city councilman and Manhattan’s district attorney. Lily and Harry soon became lovers and Harry spearheaded a million dollar exploratory committee regarding Hollister’s potential as a mayoral candidate. Somewhat flighty in using her wealth, Lily found a kindred spirit in Harry, who impulsively bought the “Coffee Bean cafe” in an effort to impress her, while on a date. Shortly after the purchase of the Coffee Bean, mayoral candidate Lisa Parfrey was slain by a villainous person in a Grey Goblin disguise, and Lily, supported by the Deputy Mayor Wexler, convinced her father to enter the race for mayor.

As time passed, Lily grew increasingly skeptical of Harry’s best friend Peter Parker’s erratic behavior, unaware that his frequent disappearances stemmed from his tending to his Spider-Man activities. Her skepticism did not prevent her from flirting with Parker periodically; perhaps she was unaware that Carlie was romantically interested in Parker. After Menace attacked a Hollister political rally, Lily was interviewed on television and viciously taunted the villain. Later, while socializing at the Coffee Bean, Lily observed Harry’s dark side during an intense argument between Harry and his father, Thunderbolts director Norman Osborn. Bill was left comatose following another confrontation with Menace, and the grieving Lily regretted her thoughtlessness.

When Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts hunted the wall-crawling Spider-Man, Bullseye laid siege to the Coffee Bean, while Lily, Harry, and Peter were inside; they were able to escape, however, the cafe was left in complete ruins. Lily and Harry later went to Oscorp Industries, in New Jersey after the facility was destroyed during the battle between Spider-Man, Anti-Venom, and the Thunderbolts, in an attempt to retrieve a file that would help him clear his name. While Harry was feverishly looking for the file, Lily kissed Peter to distract him from opening the door to a secret room storing a cache of Norman Osborn’s weapons and secrets by removing Norman’s book “The Rise and Fall of an Empire,” from the bookcase that blocked the entrance.

Having no idea or inclination of the identity of the terrorist, who was terrorizing the campaign trails the Daily Bugle eventually dubbed the suspect as “Menace” (a moniker traditionally used by the tabloid’s former publisher J. Jonah Jameson to describe Spider-Man). Menace was first observed hijacking an armored car full of explosives, but was thwarted by the rookie superhero Jackpot , Menace then embarked on reign of terror across New York City, attacking Stark Labs and a police station, apparently to obtain more equipment. At a dockside gang hideout, which Menace acquired murdering its former occupants, Spider-Man and Menace fought once more, but Menace overwhelmed the web-slinger and escaped.

Later, in yet another battle, the villainous Menace gave Spider-Man a horrible beating that allowed the NYPD to apprehend him for the “Spider-Tracer murders.” Menace slipped into Hollister’s campaign headquarters, where the villain was observed by Harry as it transformed into Lily. The stunned Harry Osborn could not believe his eyes, as he discovered that his girl friend was behind all the mayhem being caused throughout the city. She explained that her plan was to get her father elected Mayor, and possibly regain his love, which seemed to be directed in the direction of Carlie. Lily’s plan was just days away from becoming reality, so she felt compelled to inform Harry how she became Menace and learned of most of his family secrets. Lily revealed that she had been reading his journal, which was nothing more than the whining of an unappreciative brat. Through the Journal, she was able to gain access into the secret room, where she hope to find something that would assist her into helping further her plans to get her father elected. However, she accidentally knocked over a vial possessing the Goblin serum, which absorbed into her skin, enhancing her strength and durability. This accident turned out to be just the thing she was looking for, it would not only get her father to throw his hat into the ring, but it would also propel him into office.

Hobgoblin (ICONS Writeup)

aka Roderick Kingsley

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 7
Intellect 4
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 12

*Goblin Formula – In addition to boosting his physical attributes, the Goblin Formula also gives the Hobgoblin Regeneration 3.
*Body Armor – Damage Resistance 5
*Goblin Grenades 7 (Extras: Plain Smoke, Knock-Out Gas, Explosive, Spider-Sense Clouding)
*Razor Bats – Strike 4
*Glove Blasters 6
*Goblin Glider: Handling 6, Speed 6, Structure 4, does Strike Damage 6 when used for charging with horns

Hobgoblin also has made extensive use of a piece of mind-controlling equipment known as Winkler’s Device. This piece of machinery has Mind Control 7 and is generally used to brainwash others into wearing the Hobgoblin outfit so that Roderick can remain safely elsewhere.

Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Art – Fashion (Expert +2 bonus), Business (Expert +2 bonus), Pilot – Goblin Glider (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus)

*Specializes in taking the ideas of others and improving them
*Always has an escape route
*”You pathetic fools! Your combined strength is nothing when compared to the power of the Hobgoblin!”

Background: Roderick Kingsley was a successful fashion designer and millionaire who had built his empire through underworld ties and unethical practices. One of his criminal associates, George Hill, had stumbled upon one of the secret lairs of the original Green Goblin. He relayed this information to Kingsley, who killed him to ensure the secret would remain hidden. Reading through Norman Osborn’s journals and examining the various “goblin” paraphernalia and weaponry, Kingsley found himself enthralled with the idea of becoming a costumed criminal. Therefore he forged a new identity, with an altered costume as the Hobgoblin.

Using information he acquired from journals left behind by Norman Osborn, Kingsley intended to blackmail several key figures including J. Jonah Jameson and Osborn’s son Harry. Inevitably, this drew him into conflict with Spider-Man, who Kingsley saw as only a nuisance and had only planned to deal with him in afterthought. After being beaten soundly by the web-slinger several times, Kingsley became obsessed with reproducing Osborn’s original strength enhancing formula so he could deal with Spider-Man more effectively. Not wanting to suffer the insanity that plagued Norman Osborn as a result of exposure to formula, Kingsley decided to test it on a small time thug named Arnold “Lefty” Donovan. After exposing him to the formula, Kingsley had Donovan attack Spider-Man in the guise of the Hobgoblin. Kingsley monitored Donovan’s vitals from afar, checking for anomalies. Spider-Man defeated Donovan and unmasked him, but before he could compromise Kingsley’s identity, he remote-controlled the goblin glider to crash, killing him.

Convinced that the test was a success, Kingsley immersed himself in the new formula and emerged with strength that surpassed even the original Green Goblin’s. Sometime later Kingsley discovered that the reporter Ned Leeds had followed him to his lair and learned of his secret identity. Through hypnosis, Kingsley was able to brainwash Leeds into becoming a new Hobgoblin that Kingsley could manipulate from the shadows, particularly as a stand-in during negotiations with The Rose (Richard Fisk) in an elaborate plot to bring the Kingpin’s empire down. To further protect his identity and deflect the attention of his enemies, Kingsley at one point framed Flash Thompson as the Hobgoblin. Thompson was arrested, only to be freed by Jack O’ Lantern (Jason Philip Macendale). Macendale learned that Thompson was not the real Hobgoblin, which infuriated him. Thompson was subsequently exonerated.

Eventually, Hobgoblin and the Rose had a falling out, with the latter enlisting the Jack O’Lantern to dispatch the former. Hobgoblin defeated him, forcing Macendale to pursue an alternative method of destroying his enemy. As Kingsley had gone to great pains to convince everyone that Ned Leeds was the real Hobgoblin, it was Leeds that ultimately paid the price. Macendale had the mercenary called the Foreigner arrange an assassination of Leeds in his hotel room while on assignment overseas with Peter Parker. Kingpin then told Parker’s alter-ego, Spider-Man that Leeds was the Hobgoblin, illustrating this fact with photos of the assassination, showing Leeds in full Hobgoblin costume. Kingsley, satisfied that his identity had been protected and that the underworld believed the Hobgoblin dead, retired to Belize.

Macendale then took the opportunity to take up the mantle of what was then thought to be the “deceased” Hobgoblin. After his tenure as the Hobgoblin, and corruption into a demonic form (resulting in the emergence of the Demogoblin), Macendale was ultimately arrested. During his trial Macendale publicly revealed that Ned Leeds was the “original” Hobgoblin – even though many people (including Macendale) had reason to believe that wasn’t true.

The true Hobgoblin, Kingsley, returned from retirement, his first act being to kill Macendale whom he deemed unworthy of his title. He then kidnapped Betty Brant as part of a trap for Spider-Man. However, during the battle, Kingsley’s brother Daniel was captured and Kingsley was unmasked. Finally, the true and original Hobgoblin was revealed and Ned Leeds’ name was cleared.

When Norman Osborn was revealed to be alive and well, the imprisoned Kingsley became furious at Osborn’s denial of being the Green Goblin. He claimed the existence of a lost journal of Osborn’s that proved that he was indeed the Green Goblin. Osborn had Kingsley broken out of prison and provided him with new Hobgoblin equipment while a mysterious new Green Goblin (a genetic construct created by Osborn) kidnapped Daniel Kingsley, the only person who supposedly knew where the last journal was. After capturing both Daniel and Spider-Man, the two Goblins returned to Osborn who revealed the truth – that he knew there was no other journal and he had bought Kingsley’s empire out from under him. Infuriated, Hobgoblin attacked and a climatic battle between both Goblins and Osborn ensued. Spider-Man was able to take Daniel to safety as the entire building began to collapse and burn down. All three villains escaped, and although Osborn believed himself to be victorious, Kingsley had safely stowed away several millions of dollars in various overseas accounts. He then quietly retired to the Caribbean for some time before boredom led him back into super-villainy. In recent years, he has created a business for himself whereby he outfits would-be supervillains in abandoned identities for a fee. His brother Daniel was murdered by Phil Urich at one point and Urich used the Hobgoblin identity himself briefly before moving on to the identities of Goblin Knight and Goblin King. Kingsley battled Urich and defeated him, claiming revenge for his brother’s murder, and Urich was later slain by Osborn during his Red Goblin phase.

Writing Update

I’m approaching the end of the Calavera novel and overall I’m quite pleased with it. In the end, it’s a spiritual sequel to Götterdämmerung, my “crossover” novel that brought in almost all of my 1930s/1940s characters in one big adventure — this one does much the same for my modern-day characters. Some only get a mention but there are pretty big roles for Catalyst, the Straw-Man, Jupiter, and a few others. It also serves as the debut story for Calavera, who will be a major part of the Reese Unlimited universe going forward. This book is set after the first three Straw-Man books so you’ll have to wait to see all of those before you can get the crossover volume… but I know that volume one of the Straw-Man series has gone through the editing process so hopefully, that one will be out fairly soon.

Our image today shows Jupiter in an angry mood and is drawn by Gilbert Monsanto.

Knighthawk (ICONS Writeup)

Dr. Scott Pike

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 5
Intellect 6
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 10

*Armored Battlesuit – Damage Resistance 5 (increases to 6 if using the wings as a shield), Claws 6, Knockout Gas 4, Handguns (Explosive Bullets) 5, Flight 4, Supersenses (Night Vision, Enhanced Hearing) 3, Interface 4

Aerial Combat (+1 bonus), Science (Expert +2 bonus), Technology (Expert +2 bonus)

*Urban Avenger
*Causes a lot of collatoral damage

Background: Knighthawk (created by comics legend Neal Adams) is a bit of a strange one – a scientist named Scott Pike, he designed a series of technological gadgets that help him fight crime. He has a tendency to come off as pretty condescending to people that fail to live up to his standards. It’s a little unclear as to what his scientific specialities are, as we’ve seen him work in quite a few fields. Overall, I’d say he was the generic comic-book scientist, so he’s kind of good at whatever you need him to be.

Pike has a pair of vestigial wings on his back – they aren’t strong enough to lift him off the ground but they can interface with his suit’s artificial wings, allowing him to control them with his mind. Knighthawk is a pretty violent vigilante that gives off strong ‘Batman’ vibes… if Batman wasn’t much of a detective, flew around, and used both claws and guns to rip people to shreds. One gimmick that they always mentioned were the holsters he wore on his ankles. An antigravity device allowed him to summon his guns straight out of the holsters and into his clawed hands.

Personally, I think Knighthawk would make for a fun antagonist… an over-the-top Nineties style vigilante that occasionally crosses paths with your player characters.

Dekko (ICONS Writeup)

Arthur Dekko

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 8

The only part of Arthur Dekko that remains is his brain. The rest of his body has been replaced with mechanical parts, giving him the following abilities:
* Damage Resistance 5
* Life Support 3 (Eating, Sleeping, Toxins)
* Interface 8
* Gadgets 4

Art (Master, +3 bonus), Technology (Expert, +2 bonus)

* Considers his current state to be a form of enlightenment, free of emotional distractions
* Has never gotten over the loss of his lover, Sarah. He sometimes hallucinates and believes that other young women are, in fact, Sarah.
* I’m no mere villain — I’m a performance artist!

Background: Far more than a mere “supervillain,” the mad cyborg known as Dekko has perpetrated some of the most bizarre crimes ever seen on Zot’s Earth. Dekko is powerful and dangerous, yet always convinced of the rightness of his actions; and brilliant at rationalizing them in great — and frighteningly convincing — detail.

While studying painting in art school, Arthur’s body was struck with a terrible disease which resulted in the gradual, piecemeal replacement of every part of him except his brain. In his growing mental instability, Arthur learned to “like” his new body and began designing parts for it. His art took a mechanistic turn, becoming extremely popular among collectors and making Arthur wealthy within a short time.

Having redesigned every aspect of his body, his home and his life as well as legally changing his name, Dekko has given an eerie new meaning to the phrase “self-made man.”

Zot! (ICONS Writeup)

Zachary T. Paleozogt

Prowess 4
Coordination 5
Strength 4
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 9

All of Zot’s abilities come the equipment made for him by his Uncle Max. Here’s his standard arsenal:
*Anti-Gravity Jet Boots – Flight 7
*Gadget Wristbands – Gravity Decrease 6, Invisibility 6, Radio Communication 8
*Raygun – Blast 7
*Gadgets 5

Aerial Combat (Expert +2 bonus), Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Leadership (+1 bonus), Martial Arts (+1 bonus), Weapons – Raygun (+1 bonus)

*“He’s just so goddamn *cheerful* all the time!”
*Loyal to his friends (especially Jenny)

Background: Zach Paleozogt is a native of an alternate Earth. There, history ran very much like the pulp science-fiction of the 1930s and 1940s. In his world, it’s the mid-1960s, and high- tech peace and prosperity reign. Earth is part of an inter- stellar alliance of worlds, and war, crime, poverty and other social ills have been immensely reduced.

Orphaned at a young age, Zach was raised by his Uncle Max, an acclaimed and eccentric inventor, and Peabody, a dour robotic manservant. Zach was a bright kid who did well in school and absorbed his uncle’s bright outlook on life.

But what he truly excelled in was the physical. Sports, gymnastics, and his world’s popular interactive arcade games. These skills came in handy one day, when he used them to save a park full of people from a crashing aircar.

Basking in the media attention this incident brought him, Zach convinced Max to outfit him with various gadgets and a costume. He then took to the skies as the superheroic Zot!

As the years went by, Zot! gained a great deal of fame and public trust by helping people in trouble. He also defeated a bewildering array of bizarre criminals, including the mad cyborg ’artist‘ Dekko, the electric assassin 9-Jack-9, and the alien crime boss called The Blotch.

Zot! later became involved in a civil war on his parents’ homeworld of Sirius IV. In the course of things, he was forced to travel through a dimensional gateway invented by Max. Zot! thus ended up on our own quiet, mundane Earth. Here he met an ordinary girl named Jenny Weaver, who got swept up into his world and adventures.

The two have been close friends and inseparable companions since then, regularly shuttling between their two dimensions.

To quote Jenny’s friend Terry: “He’s just so goddamn *cheerful* all the time!” Zot is an indefatigable optimist, maintaining a sunny outlook and an abiding faith in the innate goodness of people even in the most dire of situations.

He’s always kind, earnest, and truthful, and projects very much that sort of ’boy scout‘ air that most folks associate with Superman.

He *is* still a kid, however, and is sometimes given to a little egotism and impulsiveness.

Death Rider (ICONS Writeup)

Death Rider
Daniel “Danny” Ketch, aka the Spirit of Corruption

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 6
Intellect 3
Awareness 5
Willpower 5

Stamina 11

*The Bright Blade 7 (Extra: Anybody stabbed by the sword will be consumed by every corrupt thing they’ve committed in their life from the inside out, being reduced into a pile of sludge if they fall to 0 Stamina)
*Burning Touch 5
*Damage Resistance 6
*Regeneration 5
*Mystic Steed – Death Rider can magically summon a large horse that has the following stats: Pro 3, Coo 3, Str 6, Int 3, Awa 4, Wil 4, Stamina 10, Running Expert +2 bonus, Regeneration 1.

In his Dan Ketch form, reduce Strength to 3 and lower Stamina to 8.

Athletics – Horseriding (+1 bonus), Drive – Motorcycles (Expert +2 bonus), Occult (+1 bonus), Weapons – The Bright Blade (Expert +2 bonus)

*Recovering Alcoholic
*Spirit of Corruption
*Complicated Family Tree


Dan Ketch was once the human host for a Spirit of Vengeance named Noble Kale. During this time, Dan battled a wide variety of foes like Blackheart, the Scarecrow, Deathwatch, and Blackout. Dan’s brother, John Blaze, was the host for a different Spirit of Vengeance for a time. During a period when Blaze was seemingly free of the family curse, he assisted Dan in his adventures using a Hellfire-projecting shotgun.

Eventually, Dan grew tired of sharing his existence with Noble Kale — he had lost many friends and family. Exorcising Noble from his body, Dan quickly realized his mistake. He craved the power he once wielded and sought solace in alcohol. He became bitter and angry, blaming others for his own mistakes. For a time, he even aided the forces of Heaven in attempting to destroy his brother and the other Spirits of Vengeance. When this was over, he reconciled with John and once again manifested the powers of the Ghost Rider, though he no longer shared the power with the spirit of Noble Kale.

Recently, the John Blaze Ghost Rider assumed the throne of Hell. As Johnny Blaze began capturing demons roaming the Earth, he tried to recruit the help of his brother, but Ketch refused and tried to convince Johnny that his position as the King of Hell was corrupting his soul. However, Blaze stripped Ketch of his Spirit of Vengeance and threw him off the Manhattan Bridge. Luckily, he got saved from drowning by Caretaker Sara. He at first refused to help Blaze to come to his senses, but after being convinced by the spirit of his mother to go help his brother, he accepted to go to Limbo, and take Belasco’s Necrosis. After the battle between Ketch and the Necrosis, Belasco turned Ketch into his Spirit of Corruption. After returning to his dimension, he instantly regretted this decision and tried to walk away. However, Lilith sent Jack O’Lantern to attack Danny, the supervillain-turned-demon informing him of an upcoming war and causing Ketch to realize that he needed to save Johnny. He then visited his mother’s grave and had another argument with Sara over the situation, correctly accusing her of having planned for him to become the Spirit of Corruption. Before preparing to go after Johnny, he was attacked by Punisher and Wolverine, who still believed him to be a Ghost Rider, but he easily stopped them. During the so-called “King in Black” event, Danny adopted the name Death Rider and helped convince John to give up rulership of Hell. The two brothers, along with Caretaker Sara, now protect the world from supernatural threats, both great and small.

Danny currently possesses the supernatural ability to transform into the Spirit of Corruption – an armored warrior powerful enough to go against a Spirit of Vengeance. Danny describes the transformation as being taken over by a rotten carapace; a green supernatural substance oozing and surging out from his body. He also carries a giant sword known as the Blight Blade that he pulls from his innards. While consumed by the Spirit of Corruption, Danny still retains his humanity.

Eternal Warrior (ICONS Writeup)

Eternal Warrior
aka Gilad Anni-Padda/Gilad Abrams

Prowess 6
Coordination 6
Strength 6
Intellect 5
Awareness 6
Willpower 7

Stamina 13

*Spiked Glove 4
*Retractable Whip 4 (Extra: Binding)
*Medium Caliber Semi-Auto 4
*Combat Knife 4
*Dense Flesh – Damage Resistance 3
*Immortality 8

Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Drive (+1 bonus), Investigation (+1 bonus), Leadership (Expert +2 bonus), Linguistics (Expert +2 bonus), Martial Arts (Master +3 bonus), Medicine – First Aid (+1 bonus), Mental Resistance (Expert +2 bonus), Occult (+1 bonus), Sleight of Hand (+1 bonus), Stealth (Master +3 bonus), Weapons (Master +3 bonus), Wrestling (Expert +2 bonus)

*“No matter how many times I’ve been through this… the hundreds of friends and lovers… I never know how to deal with this.”
*The Fist and Steel of the Earth – Gilad is sworn to protect and follow the Geomancers
*“You’re bigger than me. Stronger. But you’re not a soldier. Not a tactician… I’m a fighter.”

Background: The Eternal Warrior is Gilad Anni-Padda, an immortal hero sworn to protect the Geomancer of every generation. His extended life has allowed him to become an expert in almost every form of combat. He is one of three immortal brothers, including his brother Aram also known as Armstrong and his brother Ivar also known as Timewalker. It has been shown that the Eternal Warrior will still be active in the 41st Century with the heroes of that era.

Though most of Gilad’s adventures throughout his 5,000 years of life have gone unchronicled, those that have been prove that he has indeed worked to play a crucial role in world history.

33rd Century BC
Unity – 3228 BC
When Erica Pierce, the God–like entity called Mothergod, tries to achieve Unity, a convergence of all the timelines, the Geomancers of two eras gather the heroes of Earth to stop her in one final decisive battle for all eternity in the Lost Land, a place outside time and reality.

The 20th Century
Unity – 1992 AD
When Erica Pierce, the God–like entity called Mothergod, tries to achieve Unity, a convergence of all the timelines, the Geomancers of two eras gather the heroes of Earth to stop her in one final decisive battle for all eternity in the Lost Land, a place outside time and reality. Once the battle for Unity has passed, Gilad allies with many of the heroes of this era to combat threats like Master Darque, the Immortal Enemy, and Dr. Eclipse.

The 41st Century
Almost half a decade before his 7,000th year on Earth, Gilad Anni-Padda vanishes and receives the first of five successive psycho-probes that rob him of his memory and identity. By 4001, he believes that he is Gillie Pachter, a peaceful fish handler, until Rokland Tate, the Geomancer, finds him and helps him remember who he truly is.

Unity – 4001 AD
When Erica Pierce, the God–like entity called Mothergod, tries to achieve Unity, a convergence of all the timeliness, the Geomancers of two eras gather the heroes of Earth to stop her in one final decisive battle for all eternity in the Lost Land, a place outside time and reality.

This writeup covers the original Valiant Universe version of the Eternal Warrior but with only minor changes it could be used for the current version, as well.

‘The Rings of Power’ Is a Shining Testament to Hard Work — Future of the Force

“I can confirm that The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power is one The post ‘The Rings of Power’ Is a Shining Testament to Hard Work appeared first on Future of the Force.

‘The Rings of Power’ Is a Shining Testament to Hard Work — Future of the Force