Casting My Various Series

One thing that every writer does is perform a ‘dream casting’ in their head. For my Gravedigger series, I’d go with actress Ana de Armas for Charity Grace. She’s beautiful and has the physicality for the role. As for Lazarus Gray, he was initially based on a young Kirk Douglas but if I had to find a modern day actor to embody the role, I’d go with actor Mark Strong. He could embody the stoic bravery that the role requires. For the Peregrine, I used to think that Nathan Fillion would be perfect but he’s aged out of the role a bit so I’d go with Oscar Isaacs at the moment.

A New Review

Reader Greg A. Marshall posted a review on about an anthology that I contributed to several  years back: Bishop & Hancock’s Pulse Fiction. He gave the book five stars and had the following to say about the anthology:

Sometimes you read a book for the sheer fun of it! This was one of those books! I loved it from the beginning! Fast-paced action, exciting plots, and great character development in short order. When you have an afternoon or two, and you want to be taken back to a time when writers worked hard to grab your attention and hold it. Fun read!

My story for this book was The Insanitors and I was very honored that it was chosen to lead off the volume. I’ve often considered going back and doing some more stories with this interesting father-and-daughter team of heroes.

Thanks for the review, Greg!

Audio Pulp

If you’re a fan of audiobooks, you might want to drop by Audible and check out what’s available. As much as I love podcasts, I’ve never been able to get into audiobooks — I find that my mind wanders and I have to go back to hear what I’ve missed! Nonetheless, I know that audio is a major part of many people’s reading habits and I’ve been blessed to have my work narrated by some of the best in the business. If you do listen to one, be sure to let me know what you thought.

Rabbit Heart

Most of my writing career has been focused on pulp-style heroes or even outright superheroes… but I’ve occasionally made forays into other types of fiction. RABBIT HEART is a slasher horror novel set in my birthplace, Milledgeville, Georgia. It’s brutal in terms of violence and so sexually explicit that it’s made close friends blush at the mere sight of me after reading it. The beautiful cover by Jason Levesque has always made the book one of the top sellers in my catalogue.

Reese Unlimited

Over the years, most of my New Pulp writing has ended up at Pro Se Productions and they’ve even given me my own imprint, Reese Unlimited. That’s where my Lazarus Gray, Gravedigger, and Peregrine stories have seen print and the majority of my writings connect to that same universe.

The logo for Reese Unlimited was designed by genius Sean Ali. You can go visit the page they have for me on their website to see some of the books I’ve written for them and read over the cover blurbs for the stories.

A Lazarus Gray Review

Over on, a reader from Canada has posted a review of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Nine. Alphonse Dupuis gave the book 5 stars and said the following:

In the ninth instalment of the “new pulp” hero series “Lazarus Gray”, Barry Reese continues the storyline set up in the previous novel and concludes it with an action packed smash to the senses!

It’s Assistance Unlimited vs Murder Unlimited! The adventure may begin in Sovereign City but shifts to the mythological realm of Asgard, culminating in a final battle deep within the hollow earth with the existence of the entire world at stake!

In addition to the Black Terror & The Golden Amazon, Reese has introduced another public domain hero to the team (which I hope will return in future volumes). It would be great to see this  character’s unbreakable patriotism lending itself to the upcoming battles against fascist forces during WW2.

Reese always does his homework when introducing mythological tales and characters to his stories. The addition and handling of ancient Norse gods in this volume was well done and hints are left that we may see them return in future adventures.

Unlike Volume eight, this novel consists of one main story told throughout the book compared to a series of short stories with one central theme linking all of them together. Reese is able do both “story styles” successfully and consistently gives the reader an enjoyable pulp-style adventure.

As a fan of the Reese Unlimited imprint, I really like the mixing of original characters with public domain/pastiche characters. In saying that having Lazarus Gray joining forces with The Revenant & Ki-Gor in a Hollow Earth tale would be awesome. An uneasy Darkling/Leonid Kaslov alliance vs the evil Warlike Manchu would be a just what the doctor ordered!

Looking forward to future installments!

Thanks for the kind words, Alphonse! I’m glad you enjoyed book nine, which was one of my favorites to write. I agree that the Norse elements seemed to fit right in with the rest of the series. I like your idea for a Darkling/Kaslov team-up, as well. Definite shades of the Shadow and Doc Savage in that one! We’ll see if I can fit such a thing into my schedule.

Recommendation: the Pendergast Series

The Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are some of the best examples of New Pulp in the market today. Pendergast is such a wonderfully eccentric, nearly superhuman figure that he puts me in mind of such classic sleuths as Sherlock Holmes and The Shadow. I’m currently reading Bloodless, but some of my favorites in the series are Still Life With Crows, White Fire, and The Cabinet of Curiosities.

If you’re looking for some quality entertainment, give them a try!

The Straw-Man Cometh!

Currently working on the second story for The Straw-Man volume 2 and this one is a flashback tale set in the Old West. Of course, this being a Barry Reese western, it also features a clockwork man, a woman with a magic sword, and a walking, talking tatterdemalion.

Given the way Pro Se’s publishing schedule works, you probably won’t actually see this in print for several years — I tend to write so fast that I’m far ahead of you guys. It makes it interesting sometimes when fans ask me about upcoming releases and I’m like five books ahead of you!

Hopefully I’ll be able to share some more of Mitch Ballard’s Straw-Man artwork soon!

Read All About It!

If you’re like me, you not only love reading but you also enjoy the opportunity to communicate with the authors of the works that you love. If you’re a fan of the New Pulp movement, then you need to jump over to the New Pulp Heroes Message Board. Just sign up and you’ll be able to share your opinions about various books, ask questions of the authors, and get behind-the-scenes updates on past and upcoming projects from all the major New Pulp publishers. The site just went fully live earlier today so you can get onboard during its infancy!

Current Project

At the moment I’m writing stories for the second book in a series featuring a new character — the Straw-Man. I wrote the entire first book in about a month! Ever since the character popped into my imagination, the stories have just poured out of me. While I’ve written some great one-off books in recent years (hopefully you’ll get to see the Lilith novel and the Omnium Gatherum book at some point), it’s probably been since I created Gravedigger that I’ve really felt this enthused about a new character. The series combines elements of Celtic mythology, horror, and Bronze Age superheroics for a mix that I think is really unique. Part of what I wanted to do was really expand my universe, focus on creating NEW characters and concepts — so while some things are namedropped along the way, you don’t see any returning characters from my other books in volume one. It’s all about new villains, new organizations, new supporting characters – and, to be honest, I think there are multiple concepts here that are strong enough to carry their own stories. 

The image accompanying this post is by artist Mitch Ballard, who is doing the interiors on volume one. It features the Straw-Man confronting one of his enemies, the Midnight Goblin.