Multiversal Madness

Tomorrow I’ll be seeing the Spider-Man movie and I cannot wait. Marvel has been putting a lot of its recent eggs into the multiversal basket and I’ve been very pleased since I’ve been a big fan of such things my whole life. Back when DC had Earth-1, Earth-2, etc., I was a massive fan of the JSA and its spinoff groups like the All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc. Marvel’s What If…? was always a fun concept, too, and I liked seeing that one translated into animation. I’m curious to see how The Eternals (which I LOVED) will be folded into the greater MCU going forward, too.

In my own universe, I’ve barely touched upon the concept of a multiverse — yeah, I’ve mentioned here and there that the future is still uncertain and that some of what we’ve seen might only be in one particular timeline, but I’ve never dived deep into a Mirror Universe type storyline. I mean, what if there was a world out there like DC’s Earth-3 or like Star Trek’s Mirror Universe? A place filled with evil versions of Lazarus Gray, the Peregrine, or Babylon?

Maybe something I can play with eventually.

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