Get your geek on with two bona fide ubergeeks, Barry & Cari Reese. Ubergeeks is the weekly podcast about all things geeky (plus more!).

You all know Barry. He’s a pulp writer extraordinaire with degrees in psychology and library and information science, as well as a history minor – not to mention Series 7 and 66 licenses. His geek interests: books, movies, tv, comics, extensive “gm-ing” for rpgs, writing pulp fiction, fanfic, card collecting, music, history, politics, cartoons, action figures, British pop culture, and gadgetry.

Now meet his wife Cari, the better half of the Reeses. She’s a high school art teacher with a degree in visual arts education. Her geek interests include: rpgs, cons, cosplay, arts/crafts, computer and console gaming, web design, internet memes, toy collecting, anime/manga, coin collecting, world travel, programming, books, movies, tv, swords, fashion, teen culture, and hardware.

You never know what you’ll get with the husband/wife duo. Like them on Facebook and listen to the show on Libsyn or iTunes!

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