My Liberty Guard novel… is kaput.

noooooo-god-nooooI now have an entire novel written in someone else’s universe that won’t see print. Wonderful. Ah, well. I enjoyed working with these characters and feel that I brought something interesting to what I was given to work with. Some of the characters I have to admit struck me as incredible losers at the beginning but I really liked them by the end. TNT, Blue Fire, even that wacky version of Cat-Man that I think I took in some odd directions from where Jeff Deischer intended… I had fun ideas for one and all. I’ll probably repurpose some of those ideas for other characters down the road.

I hate that you guys won’t get the chance to see it.

It’s awful when things like this happen but that’s life.

Jumping Into the New Week

spiritTook a few days off from writing but the ideas kept flowing, as they always do. I hope to finish off this Weird West story for Mechanoid Press in the next few days. Then I have a little while before starting my next “deadline” work — I agreed to do some work for Westerntainment and I’m just waiting on an outline to arrive before I begin.  In the meantime, I have a few notions that are percolating in my head… might try and get in a few words on Gravedigger Volume Two before the outline hits my inbox.

Speaking of Gravedigger, the sales ranks over on Amazon are looking strong. Thanks to everyone who’s supported this book! It’s much appreciated. So far, all the feedback has been quite positive, which is really nice.

Got page one of the revised Lazarus Gray: Origins project from George Sellas the other day. Basically, we’ve scrapped the origin sequences for everyone but Lazarus himself, expanded that one from one page to two and are proceeding from there. The first page looked AMAZING. George is so good that it’s simply incredible getting work from him. Originally, I thought about having the pages run first in Pro Se Presents but with their quarterly schedule now, that may not happen. Instead, the Origins pages will make their debut in Lazarus Gray Volume 3. They’ll appear in every subsequent volume, giving you a quick overview of the character before you dive into the stories.

Currently reading both a Rogue Angel novel and a Shadow novel… but once I’m finished with one of those, I’ll begin the Judex book that was translated by Rick Lai. Really curious about this predecessor to The Shadow, since they sound very similar. I’ll let you guys know what I think.