The Monday Grumps

robert_downeyHad a pretty good weekend — watched Wreck-It Ralph again, which is a great kids’ flick, and tried to come up with an idea for the Weird West story I’m supposed to be writing. I’ve set my Rook tale on the back-burner for now. It’s not that the story is going poorly — it’s actually off to a fine start. I just don’t feel like writing about Max Davies at the moment. Or the near future. If I get the two new stories from the latest Tales of The Rook recruits (one being David White, the other still a potential surprise), that would give me five stories without one from me… and we might just go with that.  I’ve learned to never say never when it comes to giving up a series & I recently wrote The Rook as a guest-star in Gravedigger… and quite enjoyed doing that. But I really don’t feel the connection to those characters the way I do Lazarus Gray & Gravedigger at the moment.

Perhaps the particular muse that inspires me to do The Rook will return soon.

I also read a stack of comics & finished reading Foxhound, an old Shadow novel written by Theodore Tinsley. I’ll be reviewing it and Masks # 4 on The Shadow Fan Podcast this week.

I might have to turn in my Geek card. I’m done with The Walking Dead, Doctor Who & Game of Thrones. I plan to replace them with Defiance & Under the Dome, when those series start, so I’m gonna keep trying genre television… but I’m not coming back to Who until Matt Smith’s character hits the big regeneration moment. TWD is just a stupid, amoral show. And GoT… Given how each book in the series is not as good as the one before, I just think it’s time to bail before they get to all the stuff I really disliked from the novels. When’s True Blood coming back? I’m looking forward to its return. And The Newsroom (though that’s not really a geeky kind of show, I still love it).

Almost forgot — there was a HUGE article about me in the local newspaper, talking about my recent Best Novel win in the Pulp Ark Awards. Very flattering and I was really thrilled with the amount of coverage it gave. In lieu of huge checks, attention is always nice. 😉

Today’s picture is of Robert Downey,  Jr. Why? Because it’s Robert Downey, Jr., that’s why!