The Web – New Crusaders (Icons Writeup)

The Web
aka Wyatt Raymond

Prowess 5
Coordination 6
Strength 5
Intellect 6
Awareness 4
Willpower 4

Stamina 9

*Strand Sense – Danger Sense 6
*Super Suit – Ability Boost 3 (without the suit, subtract 3 from Wyatt’s Coordination and 2 from his Prowess & Strength; this also lowers his Stamina to 7)
*Gadgets 3

Science (+1 bonus), Technology (+1 bonus)

Academically Gifted
Lacks Self-Confidence


John Raymond became The Web because his brother was a criminal, which left John with a lifelong obsession with crime, inspiring him to become a criminologist, mystery writer, and ultimately a vigilante. He met Rose Wayne while teaching a University course on criminology, and married her when he eventually retired. When a criminal pretended to be him, he came out of retirement, initially infuriating his wife, until she rediscovered her taste for adventure and decided to become the superheroine “Pow Girl,” joining him in fighting crime. In time the two retired to raise a family.

Young Wyatt Raymond grew up very different from his adventurous parents. An academically gifted but unpopular book-worm, Wyatt grew up trying to avoid confrontations, mapping out the safest routes to travel around school and his neighborhood to avoid bullies. Shy and socially awkward, Wyatt found himself more content staring through a microscope than interacting with his peers. Wyatt didn’t know the truth of his parents’ double lives, but knew he was somehow special – he possessed a strange sixth sense allowing him to see connections between different people and things, like strands of a web. In game-play terms, it allows him to sense danger, even when none is apparent. It is unknown how he gained this “Strand Sense,” given that both his parents possessed no superpowers.

When the Brain Emperor attacked a reunion of the original Mighty Crusaders, Wyatt’s parents were apparently killed, but he was saved by his father’s old teammate The Shield, as were the five other teenagers that had been at the party. From this old hero Alex learned the truth about his parents, and learned that they had hoped he would take up the mantle of The Web if anything ever happened to them. Wyatt received a high-tech “super suit” based on The Shield’s, which would amplify the wearer’s physical attributes ten-fold, effectively allowing him to replicate the Olympic-level athletic skill of his parents. Becoming the new Web, Wyatt joined the New Crusaders.

The Web – DC Red Circle (Icons Writeup)

The Web
AKA John Raymond

Prowess 4
Coordination 4
Strength 6
Intellect 4
Awareness 4
Willpower 5

Stamina 11

*WEB Suit – All of John’s powers are derived from his hi-tech apparatus. His version of the WEB suit is identical to those used by the WEB Hosts with the exception that he is able to shut down their suits whenever he deems necessary. His suit provides him with the following abilities:

  • Ability Boost 2 – the suit increases the user’s Strength by 2. Without it, John’s Strength is 4 and his Stamina is reduced to 9.
  • Flight 6
  • Damage Resistance 5
  • Onboard GPS Navigation Unit
  • Goggles protect John’s eyes during flight and also offers Resistance 4 against Dazzle attacks
  • Social Media Presence – John’s activities are automatically streamed to various social media accounts whenever he wears the suit. He is also able to communicate with his WEB Hosts via a private Twitter network.
  • Gadgets 4
  • Web Lair – John has a hi-tech lair that contains computers capable of aiding him in his investigations. Whenever John uses the Lair, his +1 bonus for Investigation is boosted to +2.

Aerial Combat, Athletics (Expert +2 bonus), Business, Investigation (increases to +2 when using the Web Lair), Martial Arts, Technology, Wrestling

*Doesn’t Play Well With Others
*Wants to help those with nowhere else to turn
*Trying to be a better man


In DC’s Red Circle revival, John Raymond is a spoiled, slacker, womanizer, fancying himself a socialite. His brother David, a social worker, has distanced himself from his family, choosing to help the poorer as a social worker. Despite their differences, John always admired David. John was made the heir of the family fortune by his father, who reasoned that John’s cold, privileged mindset would make him a better businessman. John, who believed his brother to be the better man and rightful heir, decided to balance business needs with humanitarian goals. To those ends, John maintained his profile as a spoiled socialite while using part of his five-billion dollar fortune to set up a superpowered persona as the Web, a common-people superhero who derived his name from the World Wide Web. John also anonymously funded the development of an advanced supercomputer to select the most urgent or worthy of numerous requests for help submitted his website

John later discovers that David has fallen in debt to loan sharks, who later murder David. David explains with his last breath that he didn’t want to ask John for help because he was too proud. David’s death causes John to reevaluate his activities as the Web, and decides that he will no longer aid those who have the resources to help themselves, or who have friends and family they can turn to. Instead, the Web will assist only those who have no one else to turn to. The first beneficiary of his “new deal” is Lieutenant Joseph Higgins, stationed in Afghanistan and looking for his missing father. However, waiting for the Web reply, Higgins is grievously wounded while in a mission, and saved by an experimental warsuit: by the time the Web reviews the email, and gives him a positive reply, Higgins has become The Shield, a superhero on his own and a potential ally in John’s quest.

John eventually discovers that the man responsible for David’s murder is a renowned scientist named Dr. Archer, who is using his knowledge of chemistry to create addictive recreational drugs which he then distributes through violent street gangs. Unable to hold off Archer and fight him actively alone the Web resorts, like the previous Impact Comics character, to turn the Web identity into an organization of equally empowered crime fighters, a small army of Web Hosts, receiving functional copies of his suit in exchange for enacting justice in his name. After a brief period of unrests and anarchy, Oracle and Batgirl offer an upgrade to the Web Hosts, in exchange for them pledging alliance to the Justice League of America rather than acting independently and thinning their number to expel the more rambunctious and rebellious members. The Web Hosts now receive their powers from a cloud computing server in the Web Lair, making the Web able to shut their suits down remotely. Furthermore, every suit is fitted with an access to Twitterati (the DCU equivalent of Twitter featured in the Final Crisis: Dance miniseries), granting the Host a private social network to use for personal interactions and crimefighting as well, and John Raymond himself, as the current administrator, a permanent link to his Hosts and simple supporters (and a spyware implanted program to gain Oracle absolute control over the aptly named Interweb).

With the help of his new hosts and his supporters the Web finally tracks down Dr. Archer, finally handing him down to the police with enough proof to get him put on trial. However Alice, girlfriend of the late David, warns John of another hidden instigator behind Archer’s actions, the mysterious Deuces Wilde.

When a technological-savvy villain, Doctor Zadar, manages to mainline the remote link, effectively capturing and controlling the entire Web Hosts population, Raymond meets Kim Brand, the current incarnation of the Flygirl, in this continuity no longer empowered by a magic ring but a former Web Host wearing an enhanced, illegally modified and souped-up Web Host suit with greater proficiency. Raymond enlists her for the rescue mission, offering her the enhanced suit in exchange, this time as her personal property.

Raymond handles the crisis selflessly, deliberately risking his life to keep Fly Girl out of harm, but highlighting his lack of teamplay abilities: however, he manages to impress the U.S. Army to warrant for Kim and himself an induction into the newly formed Mighty Crusaders, along with The Comet, Inferno, The Shield and War Eagle.